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Running 10.6.8 on a 27" 2009 iMac with a bootable external HD also running 10.6.8.


For the internal HD (1TB, 680GB used), I use TM to backup to external HD  (1TB). No problem.


For the bootable external HD (called "CupCake," 500GB, 200GB used), it tells me that the external HD that I'm trying to backup to (called "CC TM," 500GB, empty), is too small for the 800GB data. I assume that 680 + 200 = 800GB, TM is trying backup the internal HD and CupCake. I want to backup CupCake alone to CC TM.


How do I get TM to backup only the external HD?


Thank you, JS

  • steve359 Level 6 (12,330 points)

    I would suggest CarbonCopyClone ($40 download) to backup an external drive.  It allows you to select the source and destination drives, and makes bootable clones which I would suggest doing for your intern drive.   A bootable clone is a good "usable backup" when your internal drive fails (it will eventually fail).


    SuperDuper also clones, but does not save the RecoveryPartition like CCC does (at least so is reported).