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How do I turn off Local Snapshots for Time Machine?

Mini, MacBook, MacPro, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
  • Kappy Level 10 (265,878 points)

    Open the Terminal in the Utilities folder and enter or paste the appropriate command line. Press RETURN and enter your admin password when prompted. It will not be echoed.


    To turn them ON: sudo tmutil enablelocal


    To turn them OFF: sudo tmutil disablelocal



    Note that turning them OFF will also delete all existing snapshots.

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    And that would take effect syste-wide or only the for current user account the commande was performed into?



  • Kappy Level 10 (265,878 points)

    Only for the logged in account in which they were created. Time Machine creates separate backups for different users even on the same computer.