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I have Aperture 3.2.4.  I am working on a project with about 1300 photos.  Somehow I now have duplicates ("-Version 2") of every photo.  Problem is that some of the version 2's I crated intetntionally while editing originals.  Others have just appeared (though I am sure I did something to create them).  I want to delete the most recent "-Version 2" without having to go one-by-one.  Cannot seem to sort by the creation date of the version.  Tried Duplicate Annihalator but it tagged as duplicates many version 1 and version 2 pairs so is not reliable (there are many photos that were taken in rapid fire succession that now have duplicates of each.




Jeremy G

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    If you add the column last modifed date to the list view you could then first narrow the display down to all versions with version 2 in their name and then sort on last modified date.


    That might do what you need. There is no creation date for a version unfortunately as far as I can see.

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    Thank you for the advice.  I learned to use the search function.  Searched for "Version 2" and then was able to sort by badge type.  The version 2's with a badge indicating that the photo had been edited were ones I intentional ly crated.  All other we're the duplicates I did not want and we're able to be removed from the library