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                               My wife and I are using an IPhone 4. I'm still using my Iphone here in Japan but my wife who already returned to our country cannot use her IPhone anymore because it is carrier locked here. I called our service provider Softbank and they told me " No Sir We can't help you.". I asked them why and they just told " We don't know Sir. "


                                 I really like Apple gadgets and I still want to use it even after I returned to my country. But with this carrier locked here in Japan, how can I use my Iphone in my home town? Take a note that we own that IPhone, we paid and finished our contract with our provider. Don't we deserve to use our own Iphone with our desired carrier in our country?

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.2
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    if the carrier wont unlock it then thats there policy no much you can do

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    Unlocking is entirely at the discretion of the carriers. If they are not legally required to unlock it, there is little or no financial incentive for them to offer unlocking.


    You can not use an iPhone purchased in Japan on any carrier other than the one it is locked to. If you want to use an iPhone in your home country, buy one intended for use there, or buy an unlocked phone in a country where they are sold.