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Any suggestions on how to get my Apple TV to accept my password?  It says my password is invalid or wrong.

Apple TV, Windows 7
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    It did the same thing to me.  I even reset my password but didn't help.  I had to reset my Apple TV from the General menu.  It accepted my new password but then it got stuck on setting Date and Time.  I gave up.

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    I just got an AppleTV 4 days ago, came home and connected. Everything seemed easy until the system would not take my WEP password put in any format. After wasting nearly 2 hours, I repacked the system and plan to return at nearest Apple Store (40 minutes away) before the return date. Plan is to go get a cheap $35 Google system and see if that works even though it does not have Hulu, amazon or Apple products

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    Apple TV will not accept the correct password and insists it is WRONG, which it is NOT

    One way to solv it is to get rid of our iPhone5's and switch to some other make which is better.

    HTC or Galaxy.. after all the mess Apple makes and with NO service that is maybe the only way to solve this..

    Is it possible to create such a useless system??

    Maybe this is great fun for Kids, but ... What is wrong with you guys? Hellooo?