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Okay, so Motion 5 has been giving me a bit of an issue, when the update came out it was impossible for me to update it. the progress bar in the App Store would get to a certain point (anywhere from 50% to almost 100%) and then simply quit giving me an error message. After looking on these forums I found out that because of a glitch you had to delete the old version of Motion 5 and then download the update from scratch on the App store. That worked fine and I have the updated version of Motion 5, but now I cannot delete the old version from my system.


I tried obviously simply Emptying Trash and when Motion is in there, the progress bar just sits there, empty. No activity although the window shows that the system is preparing to remove it but because of it none of my other files can be deleted either. However, when I remove motion from the trash, I can empty the trash of all the other files perfectly fine, the problem is definitely the Motion 5 app. That bar simply won't move, not even when I left it running over night. I looked online for help and the only conversations I find (over and over again) all refer to when I get a speciifc system error message but that doesn't apply to my situation as I never get any message of any kind ever. The window to empty the trash can appears, shows an empty progress bar and then nothing beyond that no matter how long I leave it run. How do I delete a file from my system WITHOUT going through the Trash? I am hoping for an in system fix becasue I don't want to install ANOTHER app to delete this app just in case I get the same problem with that app too. Any ideas? Thanks.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Try booting in safe mode, then try to delete it.


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    Nope, same exact issue. The window comes up telling me it's deleting the file but even letting it run overnight nothing happens, no progress bar filling up, no error message, just nothing happens. I even tried showing contents and deleting those individually but NOTHING works and I just cannot seem to delete this stupid file! I even called Apple Support and they said there would be a $60 charge (because I'm out of warranty, even though it was their program on their Mac App Store that is the problem) but even then they couldn't guarantee the file would get deleted. I am getting desperate and would gladly pay the $60 to get rid of this stupid file but if they can't help me, I still get charged the $60 anyway. This is driving me insane, am I going to be stuck with this stupid 2GB file for the rest of eternity?!

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    Also I even paid money for "Trash Without" on the App Store (as I am getting that desperate) and even that was unable to delete the file. Basically, the only conclusion I have is that the last version of Motion 5 was a defective file (because it can't be updated with the new version and needs to be deleted and replaced, and it can't be deleted) yet Apple won't help even though it was their defective software that is the issue, not my computer. If this is what happens with their own in house software that they themselves create, I am really going to suggest people buy stuff off the app store at their own risk. If something goes wrong, then you're SOL apparently even when it's Apple's fault, which this one is.

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    You must do this with an Adminstrator account.

    Make sure you have a current backup, just in case.


    Please make sure the name of the app is Motion 5.app (use Get Info, cmd-i). If it is not, post the complete name as listed in Get Info. If the name is correct, continue with the following.


    Open Terninal (it is in the Utilities folder).


    Copy and paste this into the Terminal prompt.

    sudo rm -rf ~/.Trash/Motion\ 5.app

    Then hit return.


    It will ask for your Admin password. When you type it in, you won't see anything echoed on the screen. When finished entering it, hit return.


    You should only copy and paste that command. If you try to type it out and make a mistake, you could erase your entire home directory.

    The command will remove (rm) that app from your Trash using elevated privileges (sudo).

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    Thanks so much for your help, but even this didn't work. I followed your instructions exactly, even copying and pasting the line, and in the terminal I got a warning and then a line to enter my password which I did. I hit return and then nothing. I closed terminal and opened Trash, Motion was still there. I then opened terminal again and entered the line once more and instead of a warning or a Password line, I simply got the first command line duplicated. (to clarify, you know the line that appears when you open the terminal for you to type whatever? when I hit enter, that line came again.) no password, no warning, nothing. So I rebooted and tried again. This time when I entered the line into terminal, I got a line simply saying password, no warning this time, which I hit enter and then again nothing. I closed terminal and opened trash and Motion is still there. I tried simply emptying trash one mroe time, and it's still locked on the "emptying the trash" window with the striped progress bar. I cannot fricking get rid of this file.


    I am considering the drastic step of simply restoring my computer simply to get rid of this one file. So, OBVIOUSLY I need to backup my files on an external drive and then put them back on my comptuer manually, but for all my apps and stuff, am I able to use migration assistant or something to restore all my programs from Time Machine, but NOT do a full restore? Not all my programs are from the App Store, some are from disk and some are no longer available on the app store but I still use them (otherwise my trash items will be restored as well) or a way to restore everything BUT the trash?


    I think the lesson here is, once you're out of warranty, download stuff from the app store hesitantly, because if the program is screwed up, Apple won't take responsibility and help you get rid of it. So angry that I cannot get rid of this stupid single app.

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