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I've had a look around the communities and can see a few people are having difficulties with rejected images and no longer being able to view them.  Does anyone know if a solution has been found to this problem?  Seems to be confined to images which were set to 'rejected' in prior Aperture versions.




I have 1,190 items being reported as 'rejected' in Aperture (latest version):


Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 9.17.02 PM.png

However when I click into the folder only 29 images are shown.  My filter is set to 'showing all' (and the same when set to 'x'):


Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 9.19.20 PM.png

Now having read other posts - I have found that if I delete a project that I know had rejected items in there - and then click on the project in the trash directory all of the rejected images can be seen!  Frustratingly though, if I try to 'put back' it reverts back to the situation before (i.e. cannot view rejected images).  I have even tried whilst in trash to update its rating to 1 star, 2 star, etc. and tried to 'put back' - again however, still unable to see the images when out of trash.


All of my 'rejected' images where rejected over a number of years and I believe it can be related to having upgraded to the latest version of Aperture.  Interestingly, if I set a new image to 'rejected' it behaves as you would expect - i.e. can filter on 'x' and it shows.


I have tried rebuilding my database, repairing permisionings, etc.  but to no avail.


Even tried exporting the project and re-importing it into a new aperture library - but still the exact same issue.


Stuck for ideas - any suggesions?

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