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Epson  was working fine . Now   If I use it from the computer it says job stopped due to filter error or its sending data to be printed then its stops or I get operation could not be completed client error- not possible... But when i use it just with the SD card and not through the computer I'm getting a greenish tint. actually the greenish tint was there out of the blue whether through the computer or not. But I cannot get the printer to work through the computer now. Just wondering if anyone out there in Mac land has had the same issues!! Contacted epson no help. I know how smart mac people are. Have aligned it/cleaned nozzles/new epson ink?

933 MHZ, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    go to the epson website and download the latest driver for your printer


    system preferences > printer & fax > select the printer from left column

    click on (  - ) minus button to delete the printer


    run the installer and follow instructions to reinstall the printer

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    brilliant on your part, thank you But still getting a greenish tint on photos. with the use of the computer and without using only sd card. have contacted epson but who knows. you were so good on this any ideas on my other issues? thank you

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    OK now for part 2


    Do you get the same amount of green stain when printing from both the computer and dirct from SD card?


    Colour issues can be caused by many things, I will list a few to see if that can be narrowed down:


    As you are using an Epson printer and are printing photos, are you using?;


    • Epson ink
    • Epson  paper
    • Epson photo quality paper (if your using non photo paper with photos this will cause colour casts)
    • set the printer to Photo quality
    • set the printer to the maximum resolution output
    • set the printer to use Photo paper
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    Yes everything Epson. Yes if using the SD card only still get greenish tint. Have had this printer for years worked fine and in all honesty I used an remanufactured ink product which was a big mistake I assume. It was printing fine with their product then it went haywire, leaking cartridges etc, Have epson in their now! Will never use the other.. Problem still not cleared up!!! Seems odd that a cartridge could cause this.

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    Yes if using the SD card only still get greenish tint.

    Are you saying printing is OK when using the computer, but poor when printing direct from the SD card?


    If this is the case, transfer the files from your camera or card to the computer and print using the Epson print software. If necessary buy a USB reader for the type of card you have.


    The print saftware on the computer will always produce better printing.


    Now that you have gone back to Epson ink things should be better.

    There are good and bad 3rd party ink cartridges, unless you know what to avoid the results are not worth the savings in cost. The quality of ink and cartridge print head is the single most important item in the printer.

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    The printer prints with green hue when used through the computer and when not attached to the computer and just used with SD card via plug in to the wall. No computer attached. So it seems like a internal printer problem . It only started after I used third party ink from a reputable company. I knew it was a no no but gave it a try. Have contacted epson, no results so far.



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    Guess Miracles happen. Epson said to run the nozzle cleaning over 3 times so I did. Its fine now!!!Almost gave up. Thanks

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    good result