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I attempted to follow the instructions in http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4527. Specifically I followed the "External Drive" instructions, using one of my iPods as the external drive. I tried following the instructions for consolidating my library on the source computer, but it didn't seem to do anything. It didn't pop up the warning the instructions said might pop up. No hour glass. Nothing. I did the File... Library... Organize Library.. Consolidate Files instruction a couple of times. It never seemed to do anything. In the end I decided maybe it was already consolidated and so had nothing to do. I followed the rest of the instructions, copying the iTunes folder to my iPod as an external drive, connecting it to the new computer, and copying it to the My Music folder on my new computer.


But when I run iTunes, I don't see all of my music. For whatever reason, all of my music is in an iTunes Music folder while iTunes is looking for it in my iTunes Media folder. I found another thread in this forum that suggested I could consolidate my library on the new computer to copy everything for iTunes Music to iTunes Media, but I can't find any Consolidate Library option in this latest version of iTunes.


What now?



Windows 7
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    Please select a broken track.

    Press Ctrl-i to Get Info.

    Say no when asked to locate the file.

    Look at the location given on the summary tab.


    Please post back the precise path listed there & the true location of the same song. With that information I should be able to suggest the most efficient way to fix your library.



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    I don't have any broken tracks. When I look at my music library, it contains only 12 albums all of which are located in the cloud. I'm not sure exactly how they got there, but I'm pretty sure they all come from one built-in play list. None of the rest of my music shows up at all.


    I should have mentioned earlier, I was moving from a system running Windows XP and iTunes 10.something. (I forget the exact version, but could go look it up if it's important. My newer system to which I've tried to move my music is running Windows 7 and iTunes (In following the instructions for moving the music, I downloaded the latest iTunes version I could get.)