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What's the latest situation with getting accurate conversion from word to pages and back?  I edit professionally, and after getting this new iMac, I learned that Office for Mac 2011 has problems.  Have those problems all been fixed, regarding Word, Excel, and Powerpoint?  I'm not sure I care about the Outlook email part.    If Office for Mac 2011 has updates that fix the problems, I still might prefer to buy that, even with the added cost, so that I don't always have to export back and forth. Who can give an unbiased answer as to which is going to save me time and hassles?   Please don't suggest partitioning my hard drive and adding Windows to this new iMac.  If I have to do that just to have hassle-free word processing with client documents, I'll abandon Apple and go back to PC.

iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Office for Mac 2011 works very well. I exchange files with PC users all the time with no issues at all. I would go that way if I were you, rather than Pages.

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    I've been using Mac Office 2001 since it was released and except for Outlook the problems I'd experienced have been fixed. I work in an office that is Office based and I'm one of the few Mac users. We share files extensively and the only problem I have experienced recently has been when someone uses a font that I don't have and since our PCs have been sourced from various vendors with different pre-installed applications, even PC to PC we have that problem sometimes.