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I'm a professional musician, and i use an M-Audio Kestation 49 on my Ipad.

For the moment i use an usb B/A to connect to the camera usb adaptator. It works fine (after some minutes it tells material unsupported, i clic OK, and it works for hours...

The problem is when i put my Ipad 2 on the K&M stand (to put on a mike stand, a must have!!).

The camera adaptator is too big, and i can't connect it totally on the ipad...


So my question is:


Does someone knows where i can find a cable usb B/ 30 pins to connect my keyboard directly to the ipad, it should be smaller then the camera adaptator, and fit even when the ipad 2 is on its stand...

Thanks for the help.



iPad 2, iOS 6.0.1