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still same question as before

GarageBand (Mac) '11, iOS 6.0.2
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    Do you mean that you do not see all loops in the loop browser?


    You may have set filters on your loop browser, that prevent the loops from showing.



    • The pop-up meu at the top oof the Loop Browser should be set to "Show All", and not to the name of a JamPack or "My Loops". Otherwise you will see only a subset of your loops.
    • If the signature of your project is not 4/4 you may not see many loops.
    • Disable "Filter for more relevant results" in the Preferences "Loops" pane.


    Or is your problem, that you cannot download the additional content?




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    The song I created is in 4/4. I was looking for percussion loops (claps, tamborine, ect). There just seems to be way more loops grayed out than loops that are available to me...   


    Do I have to purchase an add on pack or something?


    I believe it says "show all" in the pop up.


    Probably not the best time to be trouble shooting this problem.  I am on travel. So, my lap top is 600 miles away

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    There are not many percussion loops in the basic GarageBand, even set to 4/4. If you open the Loop Browser, click the "Reset" button, then "Percussion", you should see something like below: 105 loops showing, some Tambourine, Conga, Clave loops. If your Loop Browser does not look like this, with greyed out loops in the named list below, then you may need to install the additional content. Have you clicked on one of the grey loops? What is the message you get?

    Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 14.53.40.png


    The best selection of percussion loops you will get with the "World Music" JamPack. It is no longer sold separately. The best (most economic) way to get it, would be to buy Mainstage 2. This will install all five JamPacks and you can use them from GarageBand as well.