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    Okay. I just intalled the Snow Leopard Disc into my 2008 Macbook Pro, running 10.8.1 but I am getting this error message:

    You can't use this version of the application "Install Mac OS X" with this version of OS X. You have "Install Mac OS X" 23.1.1.


    I can't reinstall's on my computer but don't have the disc. I could lose 10.8 and just use 10.6 but I would prefer to have both so that I can eventually transition to the newer osx. I also like that 10.8 allows the partitions to be adjusted.

  • John Galt Level 8 (45,968 points)

    You ought to be able to install Snow Leopard on the empty partition you created, unless you already installed a later version of OS X on it.


    Be sure the partition you intend to use is completely erased and that your Snow Leopard disc looks like this:




    ... or that it is an original grey system-specific DVD (that you already said you do not have) or the correct replacement for it that may be obtained from Apple. Nothing else will work.

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    I haven't put anything on the partition I created, though the visual on Disk Utility shows a thin blue shaded i something is on it. Hmm.


    But perhaps the problem is that I am putting the dvd in while I'm on 10.8? Maybe I am supposed to do it dfferently. I will look this up.



    Yes...That's the disc. Straight from the Apple Store.

  • John Galt Level 8 (45,968 points)

    Yes, blue means there is something on it. Select that partition from the left column - the "partition" tab will disappear. Select the erase tab, then the Erase... button, then confirm that is what you really want to do in the dialog that appears.


    Boot from the Snow Leopard DVD - with the disc already inserted, hold the c key while restarting your Mac. It will start from the Snow Leopard disc, then you can specify the erased partition on which to install Snow Leopard.

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    Thanks for the walk-through...I am a bit rusty about this stuff.


    Got it installed and most of my software works.



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    SmeeSmee wrote:


    Got it installed and most of my software works.


    Did you include the selection for Rosetta in the Optional Installs?


    What software does not work?

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    I didn't think to do an optional install but do reember having to install Rosetta later.

    So far, I've just had problems with 2 iphoto didn't work so I got a newer one.

    And Quark, quite expired lol, would not open even with date changed. I just have some simple printing layouts and I need to find another pulishing? app and transfer or redo them.


    Thanks for asking!

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    What do you mean by Quark expiring?


    You can download Adobe CS2 here

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    I guess it's from the 90s. It's soooooo old that I had to backdate the imac to 2003 to get it so work.


    The worst thing is that I just found out that my Photoshop 7 doesn't work with os6. Did not expect that. Looks like I have to go backto os5!

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    What is os6 and os5?


    Yes, Photoshop 7 goes back to OS 9 in the 1990's!  There is a way to run it on an Intel Mac with Sheepshaver or Chubby Bunny (or purchasing a used Mac that can run the Classic Environment on OS X up to Tiger).


    But, since I linked you to the download of Adobe Creative Suite 2, which will run in Rosetta, I see no need to continue that discussion (Sheepshaver, etc.).

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    oh, osx5 and osx6


    Yes, I guess the photoshop is old as well. But still very useful, when not rejected by the os!


    I'm not sure what the cs2 link was for?

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    The correct way to describe them is either: OS X Leopard and OS X Snow Leopard or OS X 10.5 and OS X 10.6.


    Tiger is OS X 10.4.


    I do not think you have the technical ability to download, install and use SheepShaver to run your Quark and Photoshop, but be my guest.


    Here is a post that I listed that explains them in more detail:



    With the newer Intel Macs, you have to run a Classic emulator such as SheepShaver, which requires you to extract the Mac ROMs from your older Classic Mac and then install Mac OS 9.


    A related program is Chubby Bunny, which comes bundled with all of that included.


    More information on SheepShaver:






    and more information about Chubby Bunny:





    The download link to Adobe Creative Suites 2 is an updated version of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator (which may be able to replace Quark) that Adobe now offers for free download and may solve your problems.  However these are older PowerPC programs that require Rosetta to run (that is, on Snow Leopard installed with the optional selection for Rosetta either on a separate partition or a separate hard drive or in Parallels).


    On the other hand, you can purchase a more current version of Adobe CS (3 and later) which will run on your 2008 MBP running Mt. Lion.


    I think that we have now covered ALL the possibilities!

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    Yes, of course...I guess all digits are important when working with computers!


    Wow...that's pretty amazing about CS2. I would have never imagined. I have it downloaded and working.


    Thanks for all the links and info!

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    Nothing beats SUCCESS like SUCCESS!!