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In the ref. article, I am a bit confused. If the network account on the server has already been created BEFORE importing the Home folder of the local (on a separate machine) user, then the usual template of folderes in the newly created network user's Home folder would already have been created (Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Movies...). Do you simply discard that Home folder and bless the newly moved folder to take its place and set its permissions (Step 13)?




Do you do the moving of the Home folder first (from workstation to server) THEN create the corresponding user on the server (as a Local Network Account) with the name of the newly moved, name-edited Home folder?


By the way this business of setting up Mac OS X Server is turning out to be a nightmare! Definitely NOT a Macintosh experience! Have already called Apple twice - each time we solve the immediate problem and then I get mired in the peripheral issue. Very frustrating....



Mac mini Server (Mid 2010), OS X Server, 8GB RAM