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Help Please!! my computer won't finish my update for my iphone and it says it needs to restore my iphone. I don't know why it is doing this? If I restore the phone with itunes it will wipe out all my media and contacts and I don't want to do that. But I can't use my phone it just shows a pic of a usb port plug in to a itunes note. Can anyone answer how I can get the iphone back to normal because I can't even use it.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1
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    1) You should have backed up your phone. You now MUST restore your phone.

    2) You will have to do as it says and plug into a computer with iTunes on it.

    3) At that point you will be told you must restore. Anything not backed up will be lost.

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    I did back up my phone the other day and it might have done it again today to my computer and itunes. But why is this message coming up? I have never had an issue with updating the iphone to the newest version. When it told me to do this, i held off, because I don't know what I might be loosing. Why is it doing this in the first place? Why did it not complete it?

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    If the device has been backed up, then nothng will be lost from that last backup.


    Why honestly is not relevant at this point.

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    Monday I ended up on the phone with Apple Support just to be sure I was doing the right thing and to check my back up info so I could be sure I didn't loose important data. They were very nice and helped me finish the process. When I told the tech that I couldn't download the new update and install from my iphone that is when I went to the computer and that's when I got this recovery mode thing on my phone. He told me there must have been a problem and that is why he thinks I couldn't down load it from the phone. I had to go to ITunes on my computer. Once we did the recovery we were able to check that I had a back up from the day before, so I didn't loose anything. He stayed with me til the process finished. I also found out I can prevent the auto sync for the future by setting the directions on that.


    I am good now and my phone is operating fine, with the new update. Thank you all who commented back to me.