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today I come up with a strange problem.


my infrastructure

10.6 server (actual with all updates)

running services: afp, softwareupdate, ical, open directory

50 macs (pros, macminis imac, books etc.)

400 users


the problem

Since december 2012 all systems including the server where on 10.5.6.

Because of necessary software that don´t run under 10.5 I had to upgrade the clients and therefore I upgraded the server also.

Now I have a strange problem. There is one room with 15 Macpros - our main teachingroom. In this room, and it´s only there, sometimes user can´t login. They get the message that there is a problem with there account and therefore they can´t login. Than the user takes another machine in the room and there he/she can´t login but don´t get a message, the login-process just hangs, than the user tries another machine and there he/she can login. Sometimes the user needs two tries, sometimes five and sometimes it works without the problem???


It´s not depending on the user or the machine and I have absolutely no idea where the problem lies.

But it´s only in this room. My first idea was the managed hp switch in this room, but it´s not the problem.


Maybe it is about an correspondending application that is disturbing the login-process. But I´m not sure if this is possible.

As usual the Apple suport can´t help. Restart & install new are the commom solutions. hahah.


So it´s up to the community. Any suggestions? Ask me anything you need for other ideas. I don´t know what to do and my students are really upset about this problem. But I have no solution till now.

  • ryback42 Level 1 Level 1

    Ok, a small update. another admin told me that it could be a timing issue. meaning that the response of the server Is sometimes too slow and therefore the system won´t login. (networktraffic etc.)


    could that be possible? and if yes, how can I change the timing on the client?


    As we have a really old network that can´t be changed I need a solution on apple side.

  • Don Roedl Level 2 Level 2

    Interesting one, Ryback. It really looks like network when you mention bringing another known good workstation into the lab and it then exhibits the same/similar prolbem. How did you rule out the HP Switch?  How do forward and reverse DNS lookups performed with Network Utility work in this room? Are they ok? What does the Console log look like immediately following a failed login?


    I presume users that work in this lab have no problem when logging into their accounts from workstations at locations other than this lab...is that correct?