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Hi ,


I have a Macbook Pro - running on OS X - Version 10.6.8 .  When I check for software updates , it checks and shows me 13 pending updates . I chose the 'Install and Update' option , It restarts my computer and asks for my password and takes me back to the usual homescreen within seconds. If I check for software updates , it shows the same 13 updates pending , and seems like no software was updated. I have downloaded 'Apple Software Installer Update 1.0 , but no help.


Please help !


Thanks .

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    This is the same exact problem as the first poster. I keep getting this same window. I must've run software update five time, and I get the same thing. Any help would be most welcomed because I can't figure this one out. I didn't find any answers for this in the linked post either. This can't be a coincidance.




    screen capture.jpg

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    Uncheck every box except the first two. iTunes and Safari.

    Click install 2 Items.

    Repeat that process. Two at a time. May take a while but you have those pending for a long time.

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    Hi Sig:


    I was able to get those two programs installed your way. I then started getting error messages, so I've been installing one program at a time. I'm now down to 5 updates. Thanks for the tip. I only wish this Software Update would do what it's supposed to do.

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    When you're finished indert your os installer disk intot he optical drive. Then reboot holding down the 'c' key. When it boots to the installer disk from Utilities in the menu select Disk Utility. Then select your macintosh HD and run Repair Disk. If it's OK, quit DU and the installer and let it reboot. If it repairs something run Repair Disk again.

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    Thanks Sig. This was one of the first things I tried, including repairing permissions. Neither worked.

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    It's not that neither worked. it just makes sure your HD is OK and you have no directory issues.

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    When I ran the disk repair, it cleared everything up. I installed every update one at a time and had no problem. The problem appears to be with Airport Utility. I tried installing it both from Software Update and after downloading the software from the Apple site. It failed both times. I get a dialogue box that says the update can't be installed. An unexpected error occurred. I wonder if this is what's causing the issue.