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Hi all,

I have an iMac G4 15". When I press the power button the fans kick in, the startup noise is played and then the Apple logo screen pops up on the screen, but the loading gear never comes up and it just sits there... for eternity...


I have tried resetting the PRAM but no luck there. I have also hooked up the computer to my PowerBook G4 to see it the hard drive would show up and it did! everything was there. I don't know why it would suddenly do this to me. Any help is welcome. I have not been able to find out how to boot the computer in safe mode though, so if anyone knows how to do that and thinks it will help please inform me!


I do not have the Original disks that came with the computer, incase that helps.





iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11), iMac G4 700 mHz
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    photo 1.JPGphuihjkloto 3.JPG

    These are some pictures of the screen... I pressed command+S to get to this screen on startup.... since i have taken these pictures almost the entire screen has filled with "Still waiting for root device" What does that mean?!

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    Classic Mac OS

    Not sure.


    You didn't get the prompt in command+s?  bad sign. 

    I'd say file system corruption/bad hd.

    backup asap.

    You can run disk utitliy from the other machine.


    Did you try safe boot?  Hold down the shift key then power on.




    Start with your computer power off.  Hold down command-s. Power on your computer. 


    Type in the following:


    The first two commands will depend on your release of Mac OS X.  Look at what is typed out in the console to determine the exact format.

    # Type the follow two instructions to access the startup disk in read/write. Press return after each command.

    # in case of partial success repeat this command until errors go away.

    /sbin/fsck -fy

    /sbin/mount -uw /




    Don't get your hopes up, but ocasional Apple seems to find a few discs in a back closet.


    Apple may still supply the original restore CDs/DVDs for a nominal fee.  Have your serial number and model information available when you call them. You do not have to be the original owner.


    AppleCare Support Phone Number: 1-800-275-2273

    open 6am to 6pm Pacific Time


    Apple Phone Sales 1-800-692-7753


    International Technical Support Numbers



    "You have to call Apple & likely ask for a Product Specialist to get it (Leopard), if they still have it... helps if you tell them you have a new iPhone (iPad) that needs it!"



    10.4 & 10.5 available from Apple by calling 800-767-2775 on January 20, 2013.




    Verify/fix a disk

    From your other comptuer, you can verify/fix that the filesystem on the disk is correct.

    I suggest that you use disk utility to verify that your startup disk is OK. 
    Macintosh-HD -> Applications -> Utilities -> Disk Utility 
    Start up disk utility.  On the left pane view, you will see a list of all your disks.  
    Click on your other disk.
    Click on the First Aid  Tab.
    Click on verify/fix. 

    if ok, verify permissions ( not the problem for command + s )


    Hopefully your disk will verify.  If not, you have to boot from your installation DVD and run Disk Utility from there to attempt to repair your file-system.