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OK. So today a thief took my device. And here's some info:


  • The thief turned off Location Services. I cannot use Find my iPod.
  • I set it up prior to the theft.


  • I reported it as stolen to Apple already.
  • I have no other tracking apps instaled.


And here's the questions I have. Try to answer them all if you can!


  • What are my chances of getting it back?
  • Does reporting the device as stolen to Apple really do any good?
  • Can Apple track my iPod when it is plugged in w/ another ID and MAKE the person give it back?
  • What can my serial # do in terms of tracking my iPod?  Is it really useful?
  • How about the IMEI (which I don't know about, but heard of)? How can I find the IMEI if their is one?
  • Will police do anything to help me beyond just reporting it (my guess is no)?
  • Or is it just lost for good, never to come back to me again ):?




Thanks everyone.

iPod touch, iOS 6.0.1