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How do I import an existing finalised movie clip into  a new developing project ? I go through the imovie 11 procedure for importing and the list of clips (finalised and un-finalised) appears, but always "greyed out" which makes it impossible to create anything. I have tried placing it on the desk top and dragging but this doesn't work either.

iMac (20-inch Early 2009), Mac OS X (10.6.8), imovie 11
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    Not sure about this since I've not tried this, but since you say "finalized" - are you saying it's rendered into a format to either upload to Youtube or ready to be burned to a DVD?


    If that's the case, you might need to convert it back to a plain .mov file so you can import it - depending on the format it's in, you can try running it through MPEG Streamclip and see if that would work.

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    Your finalized movies are stored within your Project package.


    In the Finder, go to the Movies/iMovie Projects folder.

    Right-click on your project. Choose "Show Package Contents."

    Go to the Movies folder inside the package. There you will find your finalized movies.

    You can copy and paste these to another folder.

    Then in iMovie, use FILE/IMPORT MOVIE and point to this movie.

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    AppleMan  Thanks very much for the information, however I could't make it work. I followed your instructions to the letter, in fact I tried every which-way. I created a dedicated file into which I copied and pasted the project from "package contents"  but it was still greyed out when I went to retrieve it. I also found that the file size was reduced to only a few Kb.  Any further step-by-step instructions would be appreciated as I am obviously doing something wrong.  Babowa  It appears that in imovie everything has to be "finalised" before it can be used or shared elsewhere in the same way as a disk has to be to be played elsewhere. Funnily enough an MOV file I converted to Mp4 was not greyed out and I was able to import it.... an exercise I am not keen on because of resolution loss during conversion

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    Try this.

    In iMovie, use SHARE/EXPORT MOVIE. Choose the size you want. Store it in a name and location where you can find it.


    Then import from there.


    If it still does not work, see if the movie you just made will open in QuickTime Player. In QuickTime Play click Command-i  (type the letter i while holding down the command key). Tell us the dimensions of your movie and everything it says by the word FORMAT.

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    I seem to have solved the problem but have no idea why or how. I converted the selection I wanted to import to AVI, M4V and MOV.  AVI could be played by Real Player & VLC.   M4V could be played by itunes & VLC.   MOV by itunes and Real player.  None could be played by Quicktime. I placed them all in a dedicated file as you originally suggested and retrieved all three files this time as they were not greyed out. So thank you, it seemed to work this time

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      I have purchased "iLife 11" and "iLife 11 for dummies" but there is only so much that can be explained over and above the straight forward manipulation of video clips.  If I knew what went on "under the bonnet" in the way of formats & codecs etc, it would help me understand what I can and can't do with the files.  In the same way, it helps to know what a gear box in a car does and why, rather than know how to move the lever.  I was seriously considering ordering the book "iMovie 11 & iDVD - The Missing Manual" from Amazon. Does anyone know anything about it and whether it is worth buying?  Any other suggestions would be gratefully received.    Cheers Chris