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I have compressor 4.0.6  /  fcpx 10.0.7

I have a m4v file that I'm dragging to compressor to create a dvd and it comes up with "apple qmaster file agent not found"

Any direction would be appreciated. When I read the help stuff for compressor it's all greek to me.


Thanks, Glenn

Final Cut Pro X, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Hi Glenn, yeah this is a common problem when the underwear (sub components state information) of QMASTER is not right (corrupted?). Its super easy to fix.


    You DONT need any 3rd party software or deal with Compressor prefs. The problem is QMASTER. I and many others have posted how to do this. So I wont duplicate it here..


    Qmaster and Compressor components in V4.0x have moved around a bit since V3.0.


    These are in your ~/Library/Application Support/ Apple Qmaster..... basically followng the workflow in the link below and it will be fine.


    Note that you want to patiently restart QMaster and MAKE SURE ALL THE SERVICES are available before you try and submit anything. INstructions are in this and other links.


    Simply you need to


    1. quiesce/ stop QMASTER
    2. REMOVE (delete) the state information maintained by QMASTER and
    3. then restart qmaster



    TRy this link FIRST.. 4th post down  (although the OP's issue is a greyed out SUBMIT)..




    Theres lots of info in these issues in these forums. I'm sure others will post advice. Hopefully u can be up and back to work quickly.


    Post your results back for others to see.






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    Thanks but my folder system appears messed up.


    I can't follow the path that is listed


    I have

    Macintosh HD / Library / Application Support / (no Qmaster folder listed)


    Macintosh HD / Users / glenn / (no library folder)


    In Compressor under the advanced tab of the Apple Qaster Sharing window it sets up the storage location as

    Macintosh HD / Users / glenn / Library / Application Support / Apple Qmaster / Storage


    I haven't messed with folders ( I'm new to Apple and so any help would be appreciated)


    A month ago I was able to create a dvd and convert other fcpx files to movie files


    Thanks, Glenn

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    Hi glenn , yeah to do have a ~/library folder


    If u are using the finder to go after this. Then when in the finder, hold down the OPTION key and in the GO menu , "Library" will appear. 


    Else use command+shift+G in finder and enter the path as "~/library"


    The Qmaster stuff is on your home directory in compressor v4


    When u get to your home directory/library/application support/  just follow the instruction on the post and the other link


    Post your results for others to se





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    Great information, thank you very much.


    I changed the instances to 8 (I have 16 GB ram) not sure what that does but it seemed to work ok.


    I created a dvd by dragging a file to compressor I failed to uncheck share monitor so that came up but it seemed to work ok.


    I went from fcpx to compressor and it handled the file ok (I had unchedked the share monitor before doing this)


    I left rendering unchecked, again not sure what difference that makes but it worked ok.


    Thanks for your help



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    Hi glenn thanks for the comments. Just to be clear for anyone who has a similar situation, does the problem you initially experienced still exist?


    Also no need to start RENDERING services in Qmaster if you are not rendering with shake etc. just set Qmaster up for transcoding (compressor)


    Additionally the share monitor.app is not so stable however it can be relied on it does have a clean Qmaster foundation such as I've described in many posts. Share monitor has regular "heart attacks" when it can't get cluster information over sockets in a timely fashion.


    Just restart it.


    Glad to see you are working again.



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    the not finding the qmaster file agent problem is no longer a problem, yipppeeee.


    Very often when I go from fcpx to compressor it still hangs up. In the processing status it usually starts ok then it stalls and the time just keeps increasing with no progress on the processing status


    In the place where you drag the destination it comes up with a caution flag that it will overwrite an existing file and I should rename the file or change the destination. Strange because it can be a new job or one that I do over with a new name.


    So if you know of a fix I should look at that would be great.


    Thanks, Glenn

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    HI Glenn, thats good news. Looks like you are back on the work road again. I'd suggest you keep the links or .PDF the procedure for cleaning up Qmaster around. You will ceratinly be needing it from time to time. Again leavete Compressor PREFS alone. they rarely have any impact on your kind of issue concerning qmaster. Also you dont need any third paty apps to do this.


    Qmaster notes:

    • you WILL certain have Compressor sieze up from time to time when it has trouble communicating with Qmaster when u submit a batch to a cluster. Just remember to do the same thing and it will come back to life!
    • Also be pattient with the Qmster commpressord tasks. They may take time to come up after you start Qmaster from thee Compressor.app V4 pane. As I suggested in previous posts, simply GEAR DOWN on the Compressor.app icon in the doc. You will see the status of the compressor subtasks depending on thenumber you requested for the count of COMPRESSOR services form the Qmaster set up pane.
    • Additionally be mindful of the overhead of COmpressor establishing a PREVIEW proxy for before and after in the PREVIEW pane. If you done need to preview BEFORE and AFetr and use sevaral other quite useful features of compressor.app, then simply close the PREVIEW window before you add a job.


    FCPX to QMASTER via SHARE - some notes that will be helpful (R.O.Ts)

    • first thing to know is that SHARE EXPORTING a STORLINE / PROEJCT from FCPX to Compressor using the SHARE (FCPX 10.06+) WILL NOT UTILISE a QMASTER cluster. Sadly this seems to have been removed or NEVER supported after FCPX 10.0.3. I will stand corrected. So you will NOT get any advanatage of ANY Qmaster multipass sergmented distributed transoding like this. MAybe they will do it one day
    • FCPX doesnt hang. Its probably very busy perform rendering and composition of intermediate objects to be used a s a temporary MASTER to pass to compressor. So see below for an alternate approach...
    • Instead, FCPX performs all it rendering, then will add a job to compressor and it will utlise only the resources on the current host where it FCPX is started and will not use any clustering.
    • So, you ask maybe, well whats the point? Well it may suit many people.... so not for discussion here...


    ROTS: (rules of thumb)

    1. in FCPX , ALWAYS try and have the Storyline Project COMPLETELY rendered by FCPX. Yep. THis means forcing it to be rendered out in FCP before you make any kind of MASTER or distribution. Simply, select the entire contents of the STORYLINES (projects) via cmd+a then use RENDER  SELECTEd or RENDER ALL from the FCPX menu and it will render out in the FCPX background (see BAckground TAsk menu (cmtl+0). Yes do this for all the PROJECTS.
    2. PRODUCE a MASTER (intermediate). Yeah I can see that this is an extra step, however it makes the workflow smoother rather than having to go straight to a distribution format without having access to the Qmaster transcoding cluster as you would do through the SHARE and Package UI's of FCPX..For each project that is RENDERERED (100% complete), simple EXPORT a PRORES master (cmd+e or SHARE EXPORT MASTER in 10.0.7. THis will make a QUICKTIME MOVIE all sself contained... this is the same workflow many of us used in FCP7 Studio. and export you PRORES MASTER somewhere in your filesystems via FCP. Mostly this will be a simple fast COPY by FCPX as everything is rendered and there should be no transcoding if your project is already in the same format as it likely is.
    3. When this MASTER is produced,, use this to ADD into a Compressor.batch JOB. Unlike a "send to compressor" from FCPX you will see a thumbnail of the movie in teh batch job because its selfcontained.
    4. In Compressor.app, make all your DISTRBUTION settings and destination and also take advantage of the edit COPY and PASTE ability and JOB CHAINING in Compressor to make you distribution(s).
    5. Now here's, the obvious magic. Submit this MASTER with the one of more distributions to you CLUSTER. Now you can utilise all the resources of your QMSTER custer to transcode the new distribution form your master.
    6. You will see it transcode with great speed depending on the parms you used a, your resources and how many nodes and services you used and other more seeming mytic stuff
    7. Optionall delete the master produced from STEP 2 if you dont want to maintain it. Remeber you can alwasy recreate it from your FCPX project (Step 2).


    As usual... stir to taste



    BTW the caution flags are letting you know that COMPRESSOR.app can see an existing object (file(s) in the file system. If you leave it it will simply overwrite (replace) it.


    Many of my colleagues and myself utilise this workflow. Basically you are serially managing the work (good or bad) by making sure FCPX has completed all it can do before making your MASTER.


    This works for me and many others so let us know if this is a help.


    Try thy this and post your results for others to see.




    BTW the caution flags