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Hello everyone!


Yesterday, after almost 1.5 year of using my MacBook Pro I'm having some problems with my display. It started suddenly while I was not even using my computer. The display just got frozen and it has horziontal stripes but the cursor was working. So I turn my computer off and after that it was ok. But after an hour, the display just got dead and it started to show vertical lines and the whole computer was dead at that moment.


I'm really don't know what's wrong but it maybe looks like there's some problem with graphic card maybe.


Thanks anyone with some help about my issue.


Have a nice day,





MacBook Pro (15-inch Early 2011), Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Either a GPU or a screen problem - my bet would be GPU. The only thing that you can really do is to take the machine into your local Apple Store or an AASP and have them run diagnostics on the machine.


    I'm hoping that you purchased the AppleCare extended warranty? Because if it is a GPU problem, the entire logic board will need to be replaced and that can be quite costly.



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    Hmm yes it looks like there's something wrong with that GPU probably. I already called to my seller and they told me to send it to fix the problem. I just wanted to know if there's someone who's having same problem as I do.


    Thank you Clinton.



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    Looks same problem as mine see my post earlier.

    Apple care price for replacement cost a bomb SG$880 for the logic board itself and another S$107 for diagnostic which is non refundable if you decide not to repair.