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Hi All,


I did a search through all Internet, but can not find any solution.


My problem description:


1. I have 2 iPhone 4S (iOS 4.0.1) with 2 different carries and different Apple IDs. iMessage was configured and worked fine for a year.

2. For the first, telephone number disappeared from reaching list of iMessage for both phones (of course, it's different numbers).

3. I tried to use a solution to sigh off from Apple ID to fix the problem with phone number for both phones.

4. And now I have the same problem for both phones - when I try to switch on iMessage slider - it's switched off immediately. I tried to restyart the phone, eject and insert the SIM and etc. with no success.

5. The most strange fact - that this problem exists with 2 iphones 4s with 2 different carries with 2 different Apple ID, they only have the same OS - iOS 6.0.1



I will appreciate for any help.


PS: iMessage still works OK on my iPad with same Apple ID. I can sign off and sign in again with no problem.


iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1
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    Sorry for misspelling, of course I have iOS 6.0.1. And new interesting detail - if I move SIM 1 from iPhone 1 to iPhone 2, and SIM 2 from iPhone 2 to iPhone 1 - iMessage works perfect. When I change it again - nothing work again.


    Any ideas???

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    No one?


    Apple stuff do not care about customer problems too? Looks like Apple already goes by Microsoft way