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I have a new macbook pro (running OSX 10.8.2) and have just installed all the software on it.


However, when I open Garageband (6.0.5) and go to access the 'additional content'  loops that are not installed, a dialogue box comes up that directs me to either install the loops now or later. When I selected the ‘download now’ option, the app store update says checking for updates and then mysteriously says ‘no updates available’. Then if I go back to garageband and attempt to restart the download for these additional content loops again, I get another dialogue box that says: “You have already initiated the installation of additional content for GarageBand via Software Update. For additional information please open the 'Software Update' application.” But nothing happens and I still aren’t getting the download. Please help.

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Garageband 6.0.5
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    Following a suggestion in a thread where the same problem was discussed, I tried moving the GB application icon into the trash and redownloading teh entire GB app from eth appstore with the appstore identitity I had created. But to no avail. I still can't get the additional content loops to download. This is really aggravating.

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    When I selected the ‘download now’ option, the app store update says checking for updates and then mysteriously says ‘no updates available’.

    It is safer to use the "download later" option. This should add the additional contents to your "Purchased" tab at the AppStore and enable you to download it from there. Make sure, that you are already signed into the AppStore, when you initialize the download in GarageBand.


    If the download still hangs, check your security settings at the AppStore, see:
    Apple ID: Security and your Apple ID

    • If your password or your answers to the security questions are too short, your request may not go through, but you will not receive an error message to that fact. In that case sign into "MyAppleID" and reset your security questions.


    But that alone may not suffice.

    To make the additional content appear you may have to do the full monty and deinstall GarageBand completely, reboot, then reinstall.

    When selecting a loop to update, selct to "Update later", and then open the App Store to look for an update.


    See Dagon's post here:





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    Just for the record, I couldn't get the extra content to download after trying most of the things suggested in these Apple Support forums, but after giving up after a weekend of trying, the content has now appeared as a normal App store software update.

    It just needed me to click on "download content later", and a week later when I selected check for updates, there it was waiting for me. Maybe I just needed a reboot on the previous weekend and it may have appeared sooner. So if new readers are still pulling their hair out like I was, give it a try.