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I ugraded my iCloud storage by mistake.  I have been invoiced £14. 

An e-mail (No Reply!) giving details of the upgrade charge says you may contact Apple within 15 days for a refund.

Trying to find how to get the  refund has defeated me.

I've spent hours reading useless information and go round in circles.

The closest I've got is to stop automatic Annual renewals.


The "Help" pages on Apple seem to have been designed to make it as difficult as possible

to cancel.  Searching the Internet suggest many have this problem.

With other companies UK Law (Distance Selling regulations) allows me to e-mail the seller and ask for a refund

within 7 days. Simple. Unless it's Apple.


Has anyone, anywhere in the World (apart from Taiwan) succeeded in getting a refund from iCloud /Apple?

iPhone 4, iCloud storage upgrade
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    I should have said Taiwan and the US in the post above.


    The reason for the Taiwan reference is this:


    http://mobilebetas.com/mobile-betas/icloud-storage-plans-detailed-%E2%80%93-refu nds-available/


    "Apple was forced to comply with local Consumer Protection Taiwanese laws".

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    Yes!  It can be done.

    You must like playing games and searching for treasure in a hidden box

    in another country.


    Be persistant.

    In the UK start by phoning 0800 048 0408.

    Keep talking naturally, even though there is not the option you want.

    Eventually you will you get through to a real person.

    They're Irish and pleasant and helpful.

    Ignore the first advice from Colleen to go to iCloud on your  phone

    and cancel there.  It cannot be done on the phone!

    If you tell her you have already tried that she will get someone to call you back.


    The unnecessary upgrade was cancelled.

    In future I will ignore the pestering and misleading e-mails urging me to upgrade.

    The free storage is enough for many people like me.

    Only upgrade when you need to.

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    My problem (I have others) is that I purchased iCloud extra storage thinking I could put any files there. I wanted an on-line store for precious family photos in case my computer was stolen or something. I figured photo files from Aperture and iPhoto would sync just like Pages or Numbers files. No, they don't. So, having bought shed loads of iCloud storage, it's useless.




    Anyway, I now know I can legitimately request a refund within 15 days of purchase but you are right in saying it's hard to obtain.

    My solution: I went on 'Live Chat' at Apple Customer Services. The person there gave me a link to 'iTunes Store Billing' and I have requested a refund from there.

    So, no actual satisfactory result and no refund as yet.

    Work in progress.

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    Actually I use iCloud to backup and host ALL my pictures from every iOS device I own. In fact I have 19GB of photos on there now. I can easlily share them with anyone I want by creating a specific photo stream for a set of photos, each stream can hold 1000 photos. There are viewable on Mac, PC, iOS, or any web browser even if the receiver does not have an iCloud account. On top of that, any photo I add to my iphoto library through a mac, is added to the main photo stream.


    Regardless of photo streams and how you use them, icloud STILL backs up every single photo I take automatically and with out issue.

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    I phoned Apple, they were very helpful. No question, no difficulties. Refund immediately and a confirming email. All done!


    I tried to beat the system with iCloud and Photostream. I created more than one stream but the whole thing copped out when I got to about 1000 pics. It seemed like such a good idea to me. However, I have done some thinking, restored photostream to where it was before and got a refund from Apple (who were great!).


    I think it might have been a silly idea anyway. I checked my photo library and discovered 500gB so maybe a stack of DVDs as a long-term backup and a 1Tb attached to the Mac. Another alternative might be a remotely sited network drive. Saw some Seagate ones on offer in Maplin. Any opinions?


    (Maybe this discussion needs to move elsewhere). Thanks to all who contributed.

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    Very helpful - thank you!