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I am thinking about using an SSD drive in my 17" MBP and putting all my apps and docs on a 1T Thunderbolt drive. I currently have a 2.5" 750G internal and a 2nd 2.5" as a backup clone. I dont see how you can have 2 Thuderbolt drives connected at once. So how do you clone the drives. There is only 1 port on the MBP and the external Thunderbolt drive. I cant find a multiport Thunderbolt hub either..........^%$#(@*$&*&¶§∞¶•º

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    You might explore something like this.  This is just an example of a variety of options:





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    I will soon get the Guardian Maximus 4TB x 4TB for the Mac Mini that holds all my movies and all my life long documents. This is not practical for my mobile life. I love the Lacie 1TB in that orange case.......why dont they put 2 Thunderbolts on the dang sing.

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    Most all TB devices are supposed to have a second TB port to daisy chain devices. If your TB external doesn't then you can't connect a second device. You could get another TB drive that does have a second TB port then connect the drive you now have to that second port on the other drive.




    If that Lacie TB drive is powered by the TB port, No AC adapter, then that could be the reason. It is meant to be last in a chain or the only device connected to the TB port.

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    I am thinking about using an SSD drive in my 17" MBP and putting all my apps and docs on a 1T Thunderbolt drive.


    Why would you put all your apps on an external drive?  Sorta seems to defeat the whole purpose of having a MacBookPro laptop, and also having an SSD in it.  Seems to me that for portability and performance reasons you would want the internal SSD to have your applications on it, not some external drive.  Plus some apps expect to be located in the system HD/Applications folder, Final Cut being one of them.

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    1.speed   2. I cant afford (2) 2TB SSD drives. So I would get an SSD that would hold the OS and run everything from a fast TB drive. Maybe the feasibility is not there yet. THanks.

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    You certainly don't need a 2TB drive for OS, Apps and current Working files. Do you?

    Then maybe you have to many apps and files.


    You can get a 512GB SSD for a few hundred dollars and IMHO that should take care of the OS, programs/apps, and the files you need at any one session. Then use the external for backups of your current working files and for all those other files that aren't needed, at this time, on the internal drive.

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    I have a big iPhoto Lib, iTunes Lib, a lot of 3D files and renders, Final Cut Suite, Adobe full suite of apps. I have a lot of stuff. My 750Gig internal right now has 300Gig free.

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    Right that means you are using less then 450GBs of that drive. As a 750GB drive is really only around 700+/-GBs in actual size.


    So a 512GB SSD would fit you perfectly. Leaving you you with 80-90GBs free.


    If you want you can move both the iTunes and iPhoto libraries off the internal to an external. That would be much better then moving your programs/apps to an external.

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    If you want to maximize speed then your apps should be on the SSD along with OS X.


    This doesn't require a lot of space.  For example, I have a fully installed 10.7 Mac with Adobe Design Studio, MS Office 2011, FCPX and a bunch of other apps  ... and all that only takes 30 GB of disk space.  With a 500GB SSD you would have plenty of space for system cache and even data files.  Move the data to your external drive, not your applications. 

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    thanks great idea. Could I live with a 500G SSD internal.........I feel like I could fill it up in no time.

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    Why you aren't using that much now. Yes for sure if you try you can fill up any size drive. That doesn't mean you have to. That is why externals are made, IE to store files you no longer need on the internal drive. A Repository for older files.