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Not sure if this has been asked before, but here goes.

I have had my MacBook Pro for coming up to 4 years, still with the same OSX but fully updated, and I also purchased Adobe CS4. All was running fine until about October when Illustrator started crashing whenever I clicked 'Save/Save As'. It opens up the Save box, but after a few seconds the loading wheel pops up then the program crashes popping up with the 'Send Report' rubbish.

I have taken it into the Apple store, and after much hassle (as they said it was an abode product not an apple product) they had a look into it but could not come up with any solutions.

I have totally wiped CS4 from my machine, removing all preferences and using the CS4 removal kit apple has, but when I reinstall it the problem still occurs right from the get go.

CS4 is all up to date, and my OSX has all available updates. (I believe it is 10.5.somehting, it came with the MacBook in Sept 2009), In terms of HDD space I have 60GB left, not an aweful lot but this shouldn't be the cause of the problem, and in terms of RAM it is using 1GB of the available 2GB RAM installed (According to the Systems manager) so again lack of RAM shouldn't be an issue.

I have a large amount of my work from University, Work and Home, aswell as all my music and photos so completely wiping my OSX would be something I would not want to do, especially if I do wipe it and once I fully update it again the problem still occurs.


I am unsure as where to look now, I have googled the problem and have still not been able to sort this out.


Hopefully someone can help!