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Zathrak Level 1 Level 1

Just set up my new fully loaded $3000 iMac 27in only to find that boot camp isn't able to be installed on it due to the internal drive being larger than 2TB. Not going to lie, kind of irked about that one. Yes there are virtual machines but boot camp is there for a reason.


Anyhow, the point of this post was to try and let others know about this before they go and do the same thing I did. Will be calling Apple to complain about this soon.

  • Christopher Murphy Level 3 Level 3

    This is old news. I've reported this over a year ago on the forums, regarding the 2TiB disk limit for Boot Camp. The thing is, essentially no one uses the forums for pre-sales research.


    For the 2TiB limit to be broken, Apple needs Boot Camp to support EFI boot of Windows instead of the present CSM-BIOS boot. Further, the EFI boot support in Windows 7 is marginal, so I'd sooner expect Apple to support Windows 8 only for EFI booting, assuming they do it at all.


    Further, the Fusion drive is a proprietary Apple solution based on Core Storage. Windows cannot use that. So any solution for natively booting Windows means using only a portion of the HDD.


    So your best bet now is VM, and in fact Boot Camp isn't a particularly great solution for most Windows needs. For those who want to play games, they're better off with game specific hardware.