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Why is it that we are required to divulge our personal information (real name and email address) in order to friend someone in Game Center? This has virtually ruined Game Center for me, since I am completely unwilling to share that information with complete strangers! I am a huge supporter of everything Apple, but I am severely disappointed in you, Apple, for this!!! Does Apple even read these posts, by the way?

iPad 2, iOS 6.0.2
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    They don't read here...and even if a staff member scans your post it, in essence, gets ignored since their job is to police forum posts to see if they follow the rules. If you wish to direct your comments to APple


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    My experience is the opposite, they do read here... and they indeed police this forum, first hand experience...


    My fault, I should not be ranting about .mac, mobileme, game center, icloud, warranties or our privacy. Instead I should be incredible greatfull for all the opportunities Apple has given us...


    To be constructive in my comments, I would however love features like;


    - switching off Game Center totally, or at least have control over what information is shared..

    - sharing files from a file centered view not application centered. (MobileMe way instead of iCloud way, possibly Timecapsule backup?)

    - just being able to browse through iCloud, and place files anywhere I want...

    - make OSX available on ipads, am not interested in IOS on my mac

    - monitoring what data is shared with apple or partners, like f.i. Little snitch on my mac..

    - adding (e.g. sd) memory for storage

    - Changing the opt-out to opt-in options...

    - allowing for third party browsers


    Also I would love to have feedback on my feedback, but they are probably busy making those beautifull products, which are enriching our lives so much...


    http://www.apple.com/feedback/ is such a usefull tool for making those ever so much better..

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    You can install third party browsers. There are several in the App Store. That said, sending them suggestions/issues via the feedback form is the only real way they see stuff.

    Yes, the forum is policed. However those employees are tasked with policing the forum....that's it. They are not allowed to interact here as employees (they cannot give you answers as apple employees, if they do answer posts, they have to do so as regular people). And they don't keep track of issues.  To the best of my knowledge, there is no report at the end of the day, no tally of issues or ideas.

    The feedback form, however, is tallied. There are people at apple whose singular job is to keep track of what's submitted and funnel it on to wherever it goes. that's why it's the best way to submit suggestions. This forum gets thousands of posts a day, most of which are never seen by anyone from apple unless they break the rules of the forum. The feedback form is seen by them and may be taken into account somewhere up the line.

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    The question probably is: are these exercises of us worth the effort?


    - Is filling in a feedback form fullfill my needs, namely a better product?

    - Is there really a better third party product possible if development is controlled by competition?


    If you look at the open source world, innovation is an open discussion and there are huge numbers of people wanting (active or passive) to participate in these discussions. There's probably no need for policing a forum, non interesting comments never make it to the top of the readinglist.. as they also never do in real life... (with this small discussion as an example )


    Thanks for clearing it up..