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Good afternoon.


While swapping out a combo optical drive, I noticed a seperated BLACK wire /on the LEFT side of the hanges.


What is this wire?


Is there any fix short of replacing the whole display assembly?


The seperation is right at the sleeve that protects the wiring as it winds through the hinge assembly.


Thanks for your time.

iBook white 12" G4 800 mHz, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    That little black wire that run up to the display hosing is the Airport wifi antenna lead.

    Replacing the display with it's housing is the quickest way of replacing the display. There is the video leads to unplug and the Airport leads. The screen is attached by two many screws under the hinge.

    Once unplugged and unscrewed, the screen just lifts away from the base.


    Hope this help

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    Thanks for your reply.


    I had come to that conclusion also.


    The complete displays are readily available on eBay.


    Regards from frigid VT (-10 this AM).

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    Is there a "scematic" available for the wiring?

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    Can't say there is, but if you go to ifixit.com and look for iBook G4 12" you may find further information which may help you with this project.


    Best of luck