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I have a pentium 3 G5 and there quite a lot of problems, that come and go. I've triedt to repair the disc, using disc utility, but the "repair disc" butto is greyed out. After I do the disc verification, "repair disc" is still greyed out. I've tried to re-install OS X, but the disc is quite old. Half way through the installation stopped and it was impossible to log back onto the mac. I had to put it in safemode and connect it to my brothers ibook with a firewire and press down mac+T so it went tito safemode, then I re-installed the operating system ad it was ok. But since then there's sitll lots of problems, like much more frequently bugs come into software. Like, Flash MX just shuts itself down adn I have to go back to using Flash 8, because its an old machine and I don't have the serial number any more. The machine Is REQALLY REALLY slow now, but there's nothing stored on the harddrive and I don't run lots of applications at once.


The man on the helpline was very brusk with me because I bought the machine 9 or 10 years ago. Then he started saying I was talking too much about this problem and b******g about how I should be using my time more effectively. He must be makeing about 40 or 50K a year. But for me, the cost of the mac is less than my total cashflow for two months. Even if I decide 2013 is the year I stop sitting on the floor, I can splash the cash at IKEA Croydon and still keep living expenses for Jan and Feb below the cost of a G5. So if it takes me a whole week just to find out how to fix the problem, so I can carry on doing disc repairs and keep the machine running for a couple more years, its WELL WORTH IT. The way the American guy from Apple was so interested in my use of term, you would think he was paying for it (perhaps, in a parrallel universe he has paid something, but I live on earth and on this planet he hasn't paid a penny).


During mu UFO absduction experiences, the littlew green men always tell say that my circulamstances will soo channge dramatically and I hshould stop worrying about small problems, like this. Its probably better it if I don't base my budget on what the little freen men sya is going to happen. I should spend the time fixing the computer instead, bucause in all these yaars of kidnapping, what they tell me on the UFO spaceship never turns out to be the true.

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    Classic Mac OS

    "pentium 3 G5" These terms are mutually exclusinve.


    You may want to post machine info.

    blue apple > about this mac > more info button. Click on the hardware line. It has a little triangle in front of the work hardware.


    Leave out the serial number.



    Machine Name: iMac

    Machine Model: PowerMac4,1

    CPU Type: PowerPC 750 (33.11)

    Number Of CPUs: 1

    CPU Speed: 600 MHz

    L2 Cache (per CPU): 256 KB


    Memory: 768 MB

    Bus Speed: 100 MHz

    Boot ROM Version: 4.1.9f1




    You cannot repair the harddrive you boot from.


    You need to boot from a dvd.




    I suspect disk corruptions.


    verify & repair your startup drive

    To verify & repair you file system on the startup drive, you will need to run disk utility from you installation DVD.


    This article  will tell you how to get to disk utility.  Once in a disk utility, you can go and attempt to recover the disk.


    To repair your startup drive, you will need to run disk utility from your startup DVD.
    Mac OS X 10.4: About the utilities available on the Mac OS X 10.4 Install DVD



    How to run disk utility from your startup DVD.

    1. Insert your  startup DVD  into your reader.  Power down your machine.  Hold down to the c key.  Power on your machine.  This will bootup your startup DVD.
    2. This will bring you to a panel asking you for your language.  Pick your language.
    3. initial boot screen dvd.jpg


    4. You you come to the Install Mac OS panel.  Do not install.
    5. Click on Utilities menu item.  This will give you a pulldown list of utilities.
    6. Click on the disk utility.
      cd pulldown.jpg
    7. You are now in disk utility.  Pick your disk.  Click on repair it should be on the lower right of the panel. http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4020/4307921456_2064c6612c.jpg
    8. Once the repair completes successfully, you should update your permissions.