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How can I copy my Network Preferences Preferred Networks along with all the passwords to another MacBook Pro running 10.6.8  I want to bring all the keychains and passwords to another machine but don't want to use Time Machine to clone everything just the parts that relate to my Network Preferences Preferred Networks or whatever it takes to get those across.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Keychain Access.app I believe.  If you click on it, it does show all of your keychain records.  It's located inside your Utility folder.


    If you have Dropbox, you can transfer the app to the other computer or use iChat to transfer the file.




















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    So now I see them...as I have copied a few files from the old system to the new.  How might I get them in bulk to populate my Network Preferences Preferred Networks.  I could add them one a t a time by name...but I'm not sure of the type of security (WEP vs WPA for example).  Shouldn't they just "appear" if I see them via Keychain Access?  Or am I missing something I may still have to copy or a location something needs to be added?



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    You might be able to do this with Migration Assistant, but don't know if just those settings can be moved over. It's probably all or nothing.



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    Migration Assistant would be great if I could point it at all the right places...but I'm not sure where they all are.  Of course it wants to transfer all though so that method won't help.  I'm basically looking for a "copy from here, here, and here to same location on new machine"  Restart and there they all are, all 100+  Which is why one at atime is way too tedious and maybe not even accurate if I have to blindly pick each security type.  Thanks for any help...even if it's a 'no way in the world to do it" at least then I know to move on to something else.