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Am enjoying Garage band 11 that was already installed on my mac book pro.


Am curious to see if its possible to buy extra loops, as some instruments seem to be very limited to the amount of loops you have available.


Would like more synth, orchestral loops...


Whats the best way to go about this?


Any help would be great



MacBook Pro
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    SignorBass wrote:


    Whats the best way to go about this?


    buy MainStage 2 from the Mac Appstore for $30, and you get all the Jam Packs (thousands of loops and instruments) as free digital downloads

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    Cant seem to find "Mainstage 2" in the app store.  Only Mainstage... ?

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    SignorBass wrote:


    Cant seem to find "Mainstage 2" in the app store.  Only Mainstage... ?


    choose it, when the page opens it will show MS2

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    Hi Hangtime,


    Have downloaded Mainstage 2 and downloaded all the additional content, but cannot work out how to use / select any of the new jam packs in garage band?


    I am running Mac OS X version 10.6.8

    Garage Band 11


    Can you help at all?


    Many thanks

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    SignorBass wrote:


    but cannot work out how to use / select any of the new jam packs in garage band?


    once D/Led they should just work, there's nothing special to do as they are added to the same places GB's original loops/instruments are stored.


    is it possible you don't have the popUp menu over the loop brower set to show "all"?


    Hopefully Léonie will swing through here, I know she uses (and is very pleased with) the additional content from MS2, she might be able to offer better first hand advice

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    Thank you,


    I have watched a video online of a guy selecting the individual jam packs from the pop up menu and all mine shows is "show all" and "Garage band"


    I downloaded the Orchestral jam pack first as was keen to use this straight away but cant seem to notice any new loops in that loop section/sub folder.


    Thanks again

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    Hello Again,


    I have tried again and this time I can see 'Jam Pack Rythm section' Which opens up lots of new loops etc, But still no Orchestral pack for some reason?  Do you know if this does not contain many loops, or needs locating a different way?


    Thanks in advance Hang time

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    Hopefully Léonie will swing through here,

    I heard my name, HangTime



    could you please check the download status in Mainstage2?


    Launch Mainstage2 and open once more the "Download Additional Contents" panel from the main menu bar:  "Mainstage > Download Additional Contents"

    Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 13.25.57.png

    Look at the "Status" Column - does it say "Installed" for all JamPacks you want to use? If  not, download and install again.


    If it says installed, open the System Library and check, if the folders are there.

    From your Systemdrive "Macintosh HD" open the folder "Library", then "Audio" > "Apple Loops" > "Apple"

    You should see all five JamPacks there. The JamPack 4 Symphony Orchestra should contain 2203 items.


    If the loops are installed, but GarageBand does not show them, reindex the loops. Simply drag the folder " JamPack 4 Symphony Orchestra" with the missing loops onto the Loop Browser in GarageBand.



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    Totaly Sorted!!


    Leoni you are most Awesome


    Thank you very much


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    You are welcome, SB!


    Enjoy your music!

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    Hi Leoni,


    Since having all the jam pack loops its been great and have enjoyed the software hugely.  However for some reason i cannot seem to use all the loops..  some of the software instrument loops for example the Mallet section pops up with an error message saying the loop cannot be found?


    I Dont suppose in your wisdom you may know the reason for this?


    Many thanks in advance

    Jake - SB

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    Which loops exactly? My loops all play just fine.

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    It seems to be only Software instrument loops,


    I have noticed a lot of them wont be added to the track lines, I just get the following message


    "EXS24 instrument “African Marimba.exs"

    Audio file “Marimba ln f l1x  2 f.aif” not found!


    It gives me the options "Continue" or "search Again"


    If you click search again it just keeps showing thsame mesage and if I click continue it appears in the track line and it shows the note sequence like all the others, it just dosn't play anything when I hit play..?


    Just wondered if you had come across this error before?




  • léonie Level 10 (90,795 points)

    No, I do not get that error:

    The files that are missing in your installation should be installed in your system library:

    /Library/Application Support/GarageBand/Instrument Library/Sampler/Sampler Files/African Marimba/


    Click your System drive, open the folder "Library", then "Application Support". Scroll down to "GarageBand" and open the "Instrument Library". In the folder Sampler > Sampler Files > African Marimba should be plenty of files called

    Marimba ln mf l2x  4a.aif

    Marimba ln f l1x  2a.aif

    Marimba ln mf l2x  4b.aif

    Marimba ln f l1x  2b.aif

    Marimba ln mf l2x  5 d.aif   ....

    Are they there?  If not, your installation is still incomplete. But if they are there and GarageBand cannot access them, you may have a permissions problem and might try to repair the permissions.




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