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   Hi Gang, I have been reading up on the difficulties of installing Windows on a Mac Pro (early 2008). The issue seems to be related to EFI and MBR conflicts that prevent Windows from loading to install after Bootcamp's partitioning.


   My issue is that after Bootcamp reboots there just isn't a way to get the DVD to load and continue. I can load it trhough refit but after "loading files" completes the system stalls.


   Does anyone know if there is a way to change/format the drives differently that would allow this install to succeed?   In teh past I have had Win7 on thsi machine and just can seem to figure out how that worked before.


   I'm pretty well stuck - I tried refit, USB sticks, ISO's and the like. But I think it will need to load and boot from the original Windows install disk to work. The image below is my current hard drive data from refit. It's a 3TB drive partitioned for 2TB (OSX ML) and almost 1TB for Windows.


   I'm sure there is an expert who knows enough to make it possible. Please help and thanks for your time.



Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)