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I've tried loading up 4 different soundfonts in the DLSMusicDevice, and each time, it crashes GarageBand as soon as I close the DLS window and return to GB's main window. It's a new project with just the 1 instrument track. It's my first experience with soundfonts in
GB and its not going very well so far.


Anything I can try? Is there a better soundfont player plugin for use in GB?

iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2011), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
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    Well, I've booted into safe mode, and I've repaired both disk and disk permissions from the Recovery partition, and DLSMusicDevice still crashes GarageBand V6.0.05 every time. I just fresh installed Mountain Lion on Jan 8 and reinstalled GB shortly thereafter. What gives with this problem? Please don't make me call Apple support, I don't think I could take it;-)

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    I assume, you have installed your soundfonts as described here: http://support.apple.com/kb/PH1908  ?


    I have never had a soundfont crash; perhaps the crashlog will give a hint: Could you please post the first 60 lines of the crash log?

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    For brevity, I've cut out threads 1 - 24, as it says that it was thread 0 that crashed.

    Process:         GarageBand [389]
    Path:            /Applications/GarageBand.app/Contents/MacOS/GarageBand
    Identifier:      com.apple.garageband
    Version:         6.0.5 (428.5)
    Build Info:      GarageBand_App-4280500~3
    App Item ID:     408980954
    App External ID: 6848868
    Code Type:       X86 (Native)
    Parent Process:  launchd [155]
    User ID:         501

    Date/Time:       2013-01-23 14:42:10.524 -0500
    OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.8.2 (12C60)
    Report Version:  10

    Interval Since Last Report:          98 sec
    Crashes Since Last Report:           1
    Per-App Interval Since Last Report:  92 sec
    Per-App Crashes Since Last Report:   1
    Anonymous UUID:                      10D20B9B-E889-B3AD-C42A-93A6681D9214

    Crashed Thread:  0  Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread

    Exception Type:  EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)
    Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x00000000218ccdf1

    VM Regions Near 0x218ccdf1:
        MALLOC_LARGE           000000001acd4000-000000001ae56000 [ 1544K] rw-/rwx SM=PRV 
        __TEXT                 000000003e000000-000000003e042000 [  264K] r-x/rwx SM=COW  /System/Library/Frameworks/GLUT.framework/Versions/A/GLUT

    Application Specific Information:
    objc_msgSend() selector name: release

    Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread
    0   libobjc.A.dylib                0x92d85a87 objc_msgSend + 23
    1   com.apple.audio.units.CoreAudioAUUI 0x16425974 0x16416000 + 63860
    2   libobjc.A.dylib                0x92d9e8ff -[NSObject release] + 47
    3   libobjc.A.dylib                0x92d88442 (anonymous namespace)::AutoreleasePoolPage::pop(void*) + 490
    4   com.apple.CoreFoundation       0x97235083 _CFAutoreleasePoolPop + 51
    5   com.apple.Foundation           0x9230523d -[NSAutoreleasePool drain] + 122
    6   com.apple.AppKit               0x958df78a -[NSApplication run] + 1045
    7   com.apple.AppKit               0x958826f6 NSApplicationMain + 1053
    8   com.apple.garageband           0x0019cae0 0x1000 + 1686240
    9   com.apple.garageband           0x0000311a 0x1000 + 8474


    Thread 0 crashed with X86 Thread State (32-bit):
      eax: 0x05101790  ebx: 0x923051d1  ecx: 0x96135ec0  edx: 0x218ccdd1
      edi: 0x18cf2f10  esi: 0x1642592d  ebp: 0xbffff368  esp: 0xbffff338
       ss: 0x00000023  efl: 0x00010206  eip: 0x92d85a87   cs: 0x0000001b
       ds: 0x00000023   es: 0x00000023   fs: 0x00000000   gs: 0x0000000f
      cr2: 0x218ccdf1
    Logical CPU: 2

    Binary Images:
        0x1000 -   0x428fe3  com.apple.garageband (6.0.5 - 428.5) <32DC1BBC-5A9A-27F9-A337-38971C0253CF^p /Applications/GarageBand.app/Contents/MacOS/GarageBand
      0x4d0000 -   0x54fff7  com.apple.iLifeMediaBrowser (2.7.2 - 546) <824E7748-CA28-3105-B5C3-27E9D8C6D465^p /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/iLifeMediaBrowser.framework/Versions/A/iLifeM ediaBrowser
      0x593000 -   0x5c4ff7  com.apple.music.apps.MAAudioUnitSupport (9.1.0 - 233.34) <76BB88D6-6797-A2E1-8CF7-1F8030178935^p /Applications/GarageBand.app/Contents/Frameworks/MAAudioUnitSupport.framework/V ersions/A/MAAudioUnitSupport
      0x5da000 -   0x5dcfff  com.apple.ExceptionHandling (1.5 - 10) <435C80BD-F463-360B-86CA-5E001CACD421^p /System/Library/Frameworks/ExceptionHandling.framework/Versions/A/ExceptionHand ling
      0x5e2000 -   0x640fff  com.apple.music.apps.MALoopManagement (9.1.0 - 219.62) <38D77B7D-C948-528E-2889-E60FE2CC7EF3^p /Applications/GarageBand.app/Contents/Frameworks/MALoopManagement.framework/Ver sions/A/MALoopManagement
      0x65f000 -   0x6e2fe7  com.apple.music.apps.MACore (9.1.0 - 477.43) <08166857-0F5C-0DB6-E64B-BD02A9F7BC77^p /Applications/GarageBand.app/Contents/Frameworks/MACore.framework/Versions/A/MA Core
      0x71e000 -   0x775fe3  com.apple.music.apps.MAHarmony (9.1.0 - 199.68) <23DD5203-CA5F-66A7-103D-296869983626^p /Applications/GarageBand.app/Contents/Frameworks/MAHarmony.framework/Versions/A /MAHarmony
      0x793000 -   0xa80fef  com.apple.music.apps.MAChrome (9.1.0 - 124.60) <6D29C3A5-2AD0-AD56-FE6F-E335276E8B59^p /Applications/GarageBand.app/Contents/Frameworks/MAChrome.framework/Versions/A/ MAChrome
      0xa99000 -  0x1163fef  com.apple.music.apps.Logic (9.1.0 - 1699.74) <C6DB844E-949C-99F6-45E6-5C273C6EB17A^p /Applications/GarageBand.app/Contents/Frameworks/Logic.framework/Versions/A/Log ic
    0x135a000 -  0x1772fef  com.apple.music.apps.MAPlugInGUI (9.1.0 - 424.64) <88554B4B-2F4D-59BE-37BA-197D9B71402C^p /Applications/GarageBand.app/Contents/Frameworks/MAPlugInGUI.framework/Versions /A/MAPlugInGUI
    0x1a8b000 -  0x1aacff7  com.apple.music.apps.MAApogeeSupport (9.1.0 - 313.17) <4E81B1BB-F4C9-9F7E-E1E1-1A055E0B2323^p /Applications/GarageBand.app/Contents/Frameworks/MAApogeeSupport.framework/Vers ions/A/MAApogeeSupport
    0x1ab7000 -  0x1ae4ff3  com.apple.audio.CoreAudioKit (1.6.4 - 1.6.4) <5F0E55AF-BDA6-36B3-86F2-8A84A8F5D089^p /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreAudioKit.framework/Versions/A/CoreAudioKit
    0x1af7000 -  0x1c15ff3  com.apple.WebKit (8536 - 8536.26.14) <C98F734D-D579-3F89-9A58-9EE890B1748E^p /System/Library/Frameworks/WebKit.framework/Versions/A/WebKit
    0x1cc6000 -  0x1d96feb  com.apple.GarageBandUIKit (9.1.0 - 359.20) <B364DF7D-FD49-56C3-AE2B-D993025D39EF^p /Applications/GarageBand.app/Contents/Frameworks/GarageBandUIKit.framework/Vers ions/A/GarageBandUIKit
    0x1e1b000 -  0x246fff3  com.apple.music.apps.MADSP (9.1.0 - 588.83) <A8F1574F-4D97-E742-A12F-64E2D90164E0^p /Applications/GarageBand.app/Contents/Frameworks/MADSP.framework/Versions/A/MAD SP
    0x2bb0000 -  0x2bb5ffc  com.apple.IntlPreferences (1.5.0 - 1.5.0) <B5991F86-D3A1-3F42-89B3-9420979AED12^p /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/IntlPreferences.framework/Versions/A/IntlPref erences
    0x2bbc000 -  0x2bf8ff7  com.apple.vmutils (4.2.1 - 108) <6918860D-B24F-356C-9374-025BFFEA66A3^p /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/vmutils.framework/Versions/A/vmutils
    0x2c12000 -  0x2c1eff3  com.apple.music.apps.MAUnitTest (9.1.0 - 97.18) <2879FB3D-6265-CFAA-036F-ECE0A5845FAE^p /Applications/GarageBand.app/Contents/Frameworks/MAUnitTest.framework/Versions/ A/MAUnitTest
    0x2c29000 -  0x2c71ffb  com.apple.audio.midi.CoreMIDI (1.9 - 78) <7AAE4076-36FA-37C1-9EAE-344F1C8F14D9^p /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreMIDI.framework/Versions/A/CoreMIDI
    0x2c96000 -  0x2d4cfff  com.apple.music.apps.MAFiles (9.1.0 - 144.72) <D291BB47-5508-0DC2-12DF-BA0476D4B5D3^p /Applications/GarageBand.app/Contents/Frameworks/MAFiles.framework/Versions/A/M AFiles
    0x2d6e000 -  0x2de2ff3  com.apple.music.apps.MAAudioEngine (9.1.0 - 157.84) <D85426C6-EC58-599B-E5E1-9D6A3129E483^p /Applications/GarageBand.app/Contents/Frameworks/MAAudioEngine.framework/Versio ns/A/MAAudioEngine
    0x2e33000 -  0x2e46fff  com.apple.music.apps.MAVideo (9.1.0 - 12.61) <B9FEE7DE-3E8B-2549-A638-ED61DCC0CDB2^p /Applications/GarageBand.app/Contents/Frameworks/MAVideo.framework/Versions/A/M AVideo
    0x2e57000 -  0x2e6dffc  libexpat.1.dylib (12) <D4F1FD2B-F75A-322C-843E-113EF5F8EEAF^p /usr/lib/libexpat.1.dylib
    0x2e76000 -  0x3b05ff3  com.apple.WebCore (8536 - 8536.26.14) <82E97E6B-3F31-39A7-B41F-CD308E6EF238^p /System/Library/Frameworks/WebKit.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/WebCore.frame work/Versions/A/WebCore
    0x5500000 -  0x550dff3  com.apple.Librarian (1.1 - 1) <88A55A5E-40FF-3234-8394-2317120B79AB^p /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Librarian.framework/Versions/A/Librarian
    0x577d000 -  0x5782fff  com.apple.audio.AppleHDAHALPlugIn (2.3.1 - 2.3.1f2) <58BDA15D-2B2D-3E77-BC8C-D14AB1E4AC4E^p /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHDA.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleHDAHALPlugIn.bun dle/Contents/MacOS/AppleHDAHALPlugIn
    0xc017000 -  0xc0d5ff3  ColorSyncDeprecated.dylib (400) <35E3054C-5DF1-30D4-A368-C4FDB0992373^p

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    That does not tell me much, unfortunately.

    Exception Type:  EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)

    Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x00000000218ccdf1

    That is a typical error, when you have media files that are corrupted. MAybe the soundfonts you are trying to use have a problem. Did you download them somewhere? Which soundfonts are you using? If you could provide a link we could try them.



  • philhalt Level 1 (0 points)

    This is the first one I tried and the only one I really am interested in. the others I got from HammerSound.com and elsewhere.


    this link will download the demo of their acoustic guitar soundfont.

    thanks for looking.

  • léonie Level 10 (90,569 points)

    I tried that sound font. Same problem. Whenever I try to select it in the Edit panel of a software instrument GarageBand crashes.



    And I have no idea how to fix this.




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    Thanks for confirming this problem. At least I know it's not my system only. I've only ever used 4 soundfonts in my life, being new to GB, and all four have been problematic.

    Guess I'll just keep trying. Know of any passable guitar chord sound fonts?


    Thaks again for taking the time to help.

  • philhalt Level 1 (0 points)

    Forgot to say, I talked to the people who made the sound font in question from JensenSamples.com. The said it worked in their version of GarageBand (Ver4.12). So, maybe it's a problem with later versions of GarageBand, or with Mountain Lion.

  • léonie Level 10 (90,569 points)

    It may be Mt. Lion. There have been other reports:


    See for example: Soundfonts making GarageBand crash


    I tried your soundfont on my Snowleopard installation (Mac OS X 10.6.8 with GB'11) and it works great.

    But on Mt. Lion it crashes most of the time, if I use any soundfont.


    More soundfonts are here, see the FAQ: http://www.bulletsandbones.com/GB/PlugInsSoundFonts.html


    I have not used them since I switched to Mt. Lion. For me the additional instruments in the JamPacks that come with MainStage 2 are sufficent. They work very well with GarageBand '11 in Mt. Lion.

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    I downloaded some soundfonts off of the Internet, and when I go to select them in GarageBand, when I click the image for configuring them, I have to force quit GarageBand. I use a MacBook Pro with OS X 10.8.5 that I bought in July. I thought software updates were supposed to improve stuff. Any help would be greatly appreciated.