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How do I connect a apple keypad to my iPad mini?

iPad, iOS 6.0.1, Apple wireless keypad
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    Open the Settings app and turn on bluetooth.if your keyboard is on, it should pick it up and allow you to connect.

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    Is this a new keyboard or one that you had before?  It should have directions in it, but all you need to do is go into Settings>Bluetooth and then you'll see the devices that are allowing themselves to be visible which you should see your keyboard if it is turned on and not already connected to another device.  Otherwise you are going to have to put it in pairing mode to get your iPad to see it, but as long as it doesn't see a device that it was connected to previously it should automatically go into pairing mode.  Click on the keyboard name and then it will connect.  Your iPad will tell you to type in a code that is on the screen and after you type in that number, you'll connect to the keyboard.