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I was in the process of exporting a video.  Actually I was sharing a Master.  Then I noticed that the movie was 25 fps.  I checked the project settings and sure enough it was 25 fps.  I have no idea how that happened.  I went to the time line and events and looked at the various parts and found that it showed all of the video was 29.97 fps, but the stills were 25 fps and some were 50 fps???

I exported the movie as it was to see what would happen.  QT pro played it fine and inspector showed it as 25 fps.  I opened Toast and added a movie that was 29.97 fps and then added the 25 fps movie.  Toast warned me that I had mixed media but I chose to go ahead with the DVD burn.  The DVD played fine. 

How was I able to do this?  I expected the 25fps movie to be a disaster.

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    So all TV outside the US is a disaster??

    PAL is 25p(old TV is 50i, new digital is 25p..), as is all computers running on 50Hz electricity..


    I'm not sure how you got the project into 25p, but maybe you dragged something that set it, like a picture?


    Actually, it's strange that you keep using 29.97fps, as your electricity runs on 60Hz, aka 30p!

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    The video standard in North Ameria and Japan is 29.97 and 59.94, never 30 or 60.

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    I know.. NTSC.. but it's still 'out of sync' with the refreshrates of every monitor in the world.. ;-)


    It's the same as this new 'high frame rate' Hobbits movie at 48fps.. nothing, absolutely nothing is able to show it, as no digital projector is able to show 48fps! why did they not shot it in 60p???


    No, because uhhhhh, it's "film" and then needs to be in 2x of "film" that noone is using anymore (they all shoot digital!), creating a new stupid 'standard' that absolutely no system in the world is able to show without doubling some frames..