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I have 13,000 photos in iPhoto, which I began importing eight years ago (scanning old photos, importing digital photos).  I had no problems with my Power Mac G5 and its OS, and the earlier versions of iPhoto.  Then I got an iMac, shifted the photos from the G5, and no problems.  I continued to introduce into the iMac Apple's new OS and new versions of iPhoto, and no apparent problem. In fact I can document the following with my Mac:

3/11 upgraded to IPhoto '11 (current version 9.4.2)

3/11 upgraded the OS to 10.6.3 Snow Leopard

7/11 upgraded the OS to Lion (current version 10.7.5)


I thought I was doing the right thing by upgrading soon as new OS and new iPhoto came out.  Now I'm not so sure.


The past year I have not done any editing of my older photos.  I just went to edit some older photos and as I clicked on the photo, then edit, on the right side I get the message,  IMAGE CANNOT BE EDITED - This photo was previously edited with another application of with an early version of iPhoto.  Duplicate this photo to edit it.


This message applies to my first 10,000 photos.  I have spent hundreds of hours editing these photos.  The 3,000 photos from July 2009 are OK and can be edited.


So, must I duplicate each of these first 10,000 photos, each in their respective albums, to continue editing them?  This will take hundreds of hours more.  How in the world can Apple have such a poor transition between one OS and another, or between one IPhoto and another?  Has anyone experienced this situation before?  Is there a solution to my problem, or am I stuck with duplicating 10,000 photos (and deleting 10,000 photos), album by album, and then reediting them?


FYI, I have a a Mac Mini with iPhoto version 9.2.3 and OS X 10.6.8.  It has about 11,000 of these photos on it (I haven't loaded the last 2,000 photos onto it) and it does not demonstrate any of these editing problems.


Your observations and recommendations are recommended.


iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Yes - although it is hard for me to believe that you ae actually going to re-edit all 10,000 photos  from over 3 yeatrs ago - I find one or two a month that I need to duplicate to make more edits to - I have over 50,000 photos (no idea how many of them fall into this catagory). The key is that there is no need to duplicate anything unless you want to re-edit a previously edited photo - unedited photos should be fine andphotos that do not need more editing are fine


    Basically the change came in iPhoto '11 version 9.3  due to the single library integration between iPhoto and Aperature that makes certain prior editing incompatible so you duplicate teh edited photo sand it becomes the new original  --  see http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5260?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US



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    I am completely with you on this.   see my response to LarryHN.  

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    Hi Larry


    Thanks for setting me right on how this forum works.   Having now understood why the 'duplicate to edit' situation arises (thank you) I would offer some related advice:


    Some photos that 'need duplicating in order to edit'  may appear incorrectly rotated in iphoto slide shows.


    I came across this problem when I was showing an old iphoto slideshow to friends but some of the slides showed up turned 90 degrees.


    In the album and slideshow preview they were correctly orientated.   I tried putting them into a new slideshow but they again came out rotated 90 degrees when the slideshow was run.


    It turned out that all the ones that had this problem were ones that could not be edited without creating a duplicate first - but simply putting the duplicate into a slideshow resuted in exactly the same problem.  I tried rotating the duplicate and then rotating it back to its original position but this did not solve it either.


    It seems that in order to get such photos to display the right way up in an iphoto slideshow you need to make an actual edit to the duplicated photo - eg crop it slightly or straighten it a fraction. Or rotate it and force a save, then go back, rotate it back again, and then it will show up fine in the slide show. 


    You can then rebuild the slideshow using the edited duplicates.