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Can someone clarify differences in system requirements (OS and CPU) and uses of alternative browsers that have occasionally been mentioned here, for use in older machines?


TenFourFox and IceWeasel which may or may not now be IceCat?


My particular interest is for OS 10.4.11 on G4 PPC (Currently running FireFox and Safari 4.1.3, Flash 10.1, no other add-ons plug-ins extensions etc.). Don't know if FF 3.6.28 which I see in FF archives and is listed as both PPC and Intel, would make a significant difference. (If so, can't recall why I chose not to upgrade from FF2 to FF3 which I must have used at work for a time.)


Not important (and the wrong forum) but somewhat curious about a browser for OS 9.1 on a G3 upgraded originally 604e Mac.


Thanks for any comments and experiences.

Mac OS X (10.6.8)