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After I run my software updates, it tells me that I need to reboot to install them. However, it gets stuck on a grey "Software Update" screen. It will not allow me to force quit. I've even left the computer on overnight, still there. I have to do a hard shut down. Also, when I do boot it up and continue normal activity and attempt to do a normal shut down it takes me back to that grey Software Update screen. Even if I didn't try and run it for the day. Each time, hard shut down.


I took it to Geek Squad 2 weeks ago for this issue and a kernel error. They shipped it to Apple repair. They fixed the kernel error, but I cannot get this to update or remove the grey screen. I dread having to take it back in...but my warranty will expire next month. Any ideas? I am not getting the continuos spinning circle at that page or the Apple logo that I've read about.



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    You might want to download the OS X 10.7.5 combo update. The combo update contains all prior updates for OS X 10.7, and can sometimes fix funky system problems. Download it from here. Use Disk Utility to repair permissions, apply the combo update, then repair permissions again. After a reboot, give Software Update a go ....

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    Thanks, downloading now!

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    My updates downloaded (yay!)...including the combo pack you provided. When I went to shut down, it took me back to the grey Software Update screen. This is always where I get stuck. I don't have any other updates. Still making me do a hard shut down. Any other tips before I have to take this back in? Ahhhh

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    Check out KB Article:  Mac OS X: Gray screen appears during startup




















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    You can try booting to the recovery partition (boot holding the command and r keys down) and use Disk Utility to repair your hard drive. If that completes without error, try a normal boot. (That's the essence of the article referenced above).

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    I think I have had this issue.  Tried everything suggested here as well as elsewhere to no avail.  Everytime I tried the updater if would go grey screen and show Spftware Update in the top left corner.  Grey screen and unresposive.  However, on a lark, I went Force quit from the menu and just hit return.  Even though the force quit window doesn't open when I hit return it exited the update screen and proceeded to do the install to completion.  Problem solved on my end. 

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    Thank you, thank you!! I wasn't able to force quit, but I clicked on a few other greyed-out options and the download started! This has been going on for months, your post made me mess with it more and it's working (so far). Yay :)

    Thanks again!!

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    Wow Matt you are THE man. This has been plaguing me for weeks. I searched all over for this and finally found this original thread by Gibberleigh and I did everything you said and it immediately started updating. Thank you so much! My apple care ran out and I did not want to spend unnecessary money for what I knew had to be a simple fix. I am most grateful!!!


    And thank you Gibberleigh for creating this important thread!!!

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    Thanks for bringing up this issue. Thank you, Matt Cosman!!! I have been struggling with this issue for several weeks now. I thought it sounded too simple, but I went ahead and went back to the gray screen at Software Update and simply pushed return like you said. It immediately started installing my updates and then restarted when they were installed. Problem solved!!! Thank you!! You beat out a big wig at Apple and an Engineer in Belgium that couldn't figure it out. I had to laugh.

    Take care,