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Hi guys,


I'm facing an annoying problem when installing a trust profile (self-signed certificate) to use for Device Management.


I have a Mac mini with OS X Server (Mountain Lion) and a few iDevices (all of them on iOS version 6.0.2) to enroll in profile management.


The first few weeks, everything was working fine.
I could enroll the devices, and all profile changes were immediatly pushed to the iDevices.

But then I had a problem with Open Directory and eventually, I ended up reinstalling OSX and server from scratch.


I removed the trust profile and all other profiles that were pushed to the devices, because of the new setup (I wanted a fresh start).
Now, when I want to re-install the new Trust profile (from the /mydevices-page), I get the following error on the iDevice: "Profile installation failed": The certificate "(null)" could not be imported.


At first I thought that there was something wrong on the server (certificate, Open Directory, who knows...), but everything checks out just fine.

Then I took another device that wasn't enrolled before, and miracle: I can enroll just fine..


Is there any way (without resetting the device) that I could resolve this Certificate issue on the devices that were enrolled before (they all have the same behavior)? Or do I need to reset the device and restore from backup?

Any help would be appreciated!





Mac mini (Late 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    As a follow up, putting device to factory settings and restore from backup doesn't help either.
    Tried it on another device where the profile wasn't installed at first, and there it works, so I know that the server certificate is correct. It's the iDevice where the problem is, but I can't seem to re-install the certificate..