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  • BenTrovato Level 1 (0 points)

    I am not going to speak for everyone in terms of piracy but nothing on my mac is pirated and every app is paid for.  I do not even have that many, I'm an advanced user and have spent a few hours with some friends trying to figure this out to no avail.  The only thing that could be fishy is a mac legion purchase I made in December with bundled apps but there was nothing strange that I could spot as a few of my coworkers purchased the same package. I have already contacted Apple about this issue last week but have yet to receive a response. I hope Apple IS watching, we need some help!

  • Yuki Watanabe Level 1 (55 points)

    @THOMAS.  I would agree some point what you mentioned.  I also read some articles about the illegal download issues. You are probably referring these.   However my case this may not the case.

    I don't have the illegal apps. PERIOD!


    So, please don't assume this issue is related illegal download that make us very confuse.


    I checked the trace of this domain along with apple store… II have reached the string of  the same IP using a tons of different domains and IP was constantly changing as you see in various finishing sites.  I am not how apple is aware of this kind of techniques. 


    Several possibilities I would think, 1)  some way got this thru browsers during the visiting some web site or

    Adding extensions for Safari , Chrome or FIREFOX.  2) UbikiReader which is BAD APPS (my opinion) trying force user to purchase the useless application thru APPLE Store.  I  think that apple store somehow involved this scum.


    In any case using Mac for last 20 years, I am very disappointed.

  • Dah•veed Level 7 (33,660 points)

    When you are notified of an update for a Mac App Store (MAS) app that you have not downloaded and installed and that update is connected to a stranger's Apple ID appearing on your Mac, Thomas is correct, those are classic symptoms of a pirated app.


    The pirate has used the _MASReceipt from the app bundle for ubikReader, a fairly cheap app, to crack a more expensive MAS app. Everyone who is seeing this on their Mac has downloaded the pirated app. Youmay not have realized that it was a pirated app. The app may have been offered as a trial version. Do a search in the Mac App Store forum for pirated apps, it is very common. In the past the app used most often by pirates to crack expensive apps was Angry Birds, a free app.

    Finding a pirated app -

    When a stranger's Apple ID appears on your Mac in conjunction with an update for an app that you have never installed, you have a pirated app on your Mac. This pirated app has been cracked with the MAS receipt from a free app, often Angry Birds, acquired by the person whose Apple ID you see.


    You may not have realized that it was a pirated app when you installed it. You may have believed that it was a trail version or a "free" version.


    All MAS apps have a MAS receipt in their app bundle. Check any app acquired from the MAS. Right click on the app's icon in your Apps folder and choose Show package contents. In the Contents folder is a _MASReceipt folder and in that folder is the coded MAS receipt. It has the Apple ID of the MAS account that bought/acquired the app from the MAS. It is that receipt that the MAS uses to alert you that an app has an update. There would not be a notice of an update with someone else's Apple ID showing in the MAS on your Mac, if there was not an app with a receipt from this person's account somewhere on your Mac.


    Download the free app FindAnyFile (FAF);


    This app is easier to use and seems to be more powerful than Spotlight. Open FAF and in the box type _MASReceipt and press Find. It should come up with a list of every app on the Mac with a MAS receipt. Compare the apps with receipts in FAF's list with your purchased apps list in the Mac App Store. The odd app out should be the pirated app.

  • babowa Level 7 (29,950 points)

    Okay, here is what happens:


    someone downloads an app from a torrent site; it is free although it costs money elsewhere. In order for that app to work, it needs certain files which have been substituted by the "distributor" of this pirated software; they usually use some obscure software - in this case, it appears to be UbikReader. Of course, an email address is associated with that particular software.


    So, now you go to the app store and it thinks you have UbikReader installed since that app is showing in the Receipts folder. It will now inform you that there is an update.


    This problem will disappear as soon as you delete the pirated software - whatever that was.

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    Guys finally i solved the issue. there was an application installed on my mac named wife explorer and the _MASReceipt folder of that application had reference of ubik reader in that. i deleted the application and the update notice was gone

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    HI  there  @Dah•veed      Thanks for your information about FAF.    Reindexing spotlight didn't help my case and couldn't located  anything.   But the FindAnyFile did the excellent joy finding the _MASReceipt  in the trial shareware app folder also found 5 UbikReader HTML files from the web site (these were hidden).  Finally I got rid of these files and Apple Store notice is gone after rebooting iMac.  Thanks again.

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    Anyone had any luck with this stupid ubikreader?

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    Yes, you need to delete the "wifi explorer" app as indicated above if it is in your apps folder. If you do not have that app follow the steps posted by Dah•veed and you will find the pirated app that is causing the issue.

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    Many thanks Dah*veed that did the trick for me

  • BenTrovato Level 1 (0 points)

    Many thanks as well, worked for me too!

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    YES! It did the trick

    Many thanks!

  • giganet Level 1 (0 points)

    Wifi Explorer!!!!!

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