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I am trying to control Ultrabeat from a Korg NanoKontrol. I have the Korg set to transmit on Midi Channel 2, and in the midi channel inspector for Ultrabeat, I have Multitimbral selected and set to Midi Channel 2. It all works as expected.


However: I also use an FCB1010 to control the Mobius looping plug in. It is set up to transmit directly to Mobius rather than via Mainstage and sends on Midi channel 1. But foot presses are received by Ultrabeat and switch patterns. Anyone know why this is? Why does Ultrabeat respond to Midi data sent on a different Midi channel? What am I missing?


Any help gratefully received...



Solved by CCTM on Jan 23, 2013 1:26 AM Solved



You'll probably need to setup 2 devices in Layout mode representing the Korg and the FCB (assigned correctly).


You can then set the UB channel to receive MIDI input only from the Korg. The Multi-Timbral element of the Channel Strip Inspector "re-channelises" rather than "spits or separates".