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Something really weird just happened to me... after restoring my iPhone 4 using iCloud I started getting login request messages with the above username (hapa**** @hotmail.com)... I have no idea what is this email and I can't get rid of this... any idea?


P.S - I googled it and I saw another person with the same exact email problem but he didn't answer me


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iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1
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    Welcome to the Apple Community.


    Have you obtained apps other than through the app store.

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    This means that some music you have on your iPhone came from this persons iTunes Store account.


    You may have downloaded some tracks, or been given some tracks by a friend, which were originally purchased by the person with the hapa**** @hotmail.com AppleID you listed.


    To prevent this message from appearing, you must delete all music from the iTunes Store that was not purchased using your AppleID.

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    Oh my God!

    The exact same thing has been happening to me for almost an year! Itunes keep  asking me the password to this account.


    How do I solve this problem?


    This is an old Iphone 4S that my sister used to use but this is not her´s account. How can I find out which songs are from this hapa**** @hotmail.com account?



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    Just got the same address. i removed, added my account.


    Another pop up with another e-mail  md*** @gmx.com


    Super wierd


    And no, i didn't get music or apps from anyone.


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    I got the same thing here... weird! I dont know this guy, I have none music on my device, I just restored my backup to my new iphone 5.

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    Same I restored ipad getting the same thing and the same hapa1964@hotmail.com  gonna try and re restore it see if that fixes it