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Hello Everyone


I just bought a new AirPort Extreme A1408 (Gen 5) for my home. I have already setup the main router. Everything works fine. But I am not getting enough range everywhere. So I went and bought another AirPOrt Extreme A1408 (Gen 5) again.


Now, my stupid question is, How do extend my network?


I dont have the option to do Roaming Network(wired extension). I can only to Wirelessly Extended Network. Please give me a step by step guide or point me to it. I would also mention that, I have the option to use AirPort utility in a PC and iPad 3. I dont have any iMac or MacBooks.


The step-by-step guide needs to address these questions as well.


What are the changes I need to make on my 'Main router'?

How do I setup my extension router?


Some related questions :


Do I need to make any changes to my devices close to the extension router in order to connect to it?

or it is all automatic as the SSID and password remains the same?


Please advise and thanks in advance for all the help.



iPad 3, iOS 6.0.2