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I have just upgraded from Preview 5.5.1 and 10.7.2 to a new MBP with Preview at 6.0.1 and 10.8.2


My issue is this.


In the old set up you could scan documents from a printer and you were given the option to combine these into a single pdf file.  That option appears to have disappeared.  Now I have two separate pdf documents and I thought maybe I'd then combine these into one using the sidebar trick that you used to be able to use.  But that doesn't work either.


Has Preview 6 abandoned the option to combine into a single pdf file?  Or have they hidden this command somewhere that's hard to find?!


Anyone discovered an answer?

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Using external Cinema Display
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    You can still drag and drop. Hover over the sidebar icon for a bit before you drop to combine.



  • MalcW Level 1 (30 points)

    Well, yes - this is precisely what I tried.  To no avail.  I don't get that double grey border - nothing.  I just end up with 2 documents 2 total pages.  It always worked with the old set-up but not this one.  Interestingly if I take one of the thumbnails and transfer it to an already TWO page pdf it works.  I get the little green + sign and I end up with a three page document just like you'd expect.  But with two single documents it doesn't work.  I'm going to experiment again later today with a couple of new files just in case for some reason the other ones are corrupted.  Fortunately I remembered my old trick from long ago which is to drop the thumbnails where I expected (you get 2 documents 2 total pages) and then used the print command and choose Save as pdf.  This actually saves what you want as a single pdf file.  But it is a ridiculously long-winded way of doing it.


    I'll keep trying.


    Thanks for the suggestions though - at least you're trying!