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In my Time Capsule log, I see, every couple of minutes,


Jan 23 11:13:42Severity:3No Address for NTP server time.apple.com.


Pinging time.apple.com results in timeouts.


Hm. Pinging apple.com or discussions.apple.com results in the same timeouts...but pinging google.com does not. What's going on here? Of course http://apple.com and http://discussions.apple.com are loading fine in my browser, and when I use Apple's IP address (, that also resolves properly...but does not ping.


Further research shows an unpredictable pattern of which pings work and which do not. example.com and codeweavers.com return pings, but bing.com, www.siu.edu and microsoft.com do not. All of these sites load properly in my browser. Did some servers remove ping functionality when I wasn't looking?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)