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I had a lot of important information written in my notes and lost it during my last backup. Foolishly I checked the box 'replace information on my iphone' with my gmail notes account. Is there a way to recover the lost information from my notes that was only on my iPhone?


Thank you so much for your help.

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1
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    Nope, not if you choose to replace the data and there isn't a backup through iTunes or iCloud.


    Some people may suggest that you search the web for a service that will recover data erased from a drive, but it's usually expensive and it isn't guaranteed to work.

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    Thank you so much for your response.


    I find this hard to believe however as I backed-up the iPhone to iTunes without chosing to replace the data only the night before. Isn't that backup from a night before available? Can't I just remove the most recent backup and use the one previous?

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    the iphone even has a pop up message saying "are you sure you want to replace "notes" with your "_____notes"


    you must have clicked yes or agree or the bold "REPLACE" Button... sorry. happened to me before too!

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    Unless I'm using some sort of different software........ I'm sure that didn't happen. There was no request to authorize.


    Thanks for your response.

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    no, ios should automatically slide up a menu that says "replace or cancel"


    sorry tho.. thats why i usually just attatch my gmail and icloud accounts so i can choose what account i want to take the note in so i dont have to change my settings and stuff.


    your welcome!

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    I recently did a test to recover Notes from my backup.  In my case, my notes are shared with my other iOS devices through iCloud, so when I delete a note it deletes it everywhere.  The test I did was to restore my iPhone and load my last backup (which was done after the note had been created).  Once all that was done, the deleted note re-appeard on my iPhone (but not on the other devices, it remained local on my iPhone and did not get pushed to iCloud and my other iOS devices).


    So I'd say it's worth a shot, restore without performing another backup (you'll be asked at the beginning of the Restore process), then load the previous backup.  If the note recovers it may not get pushed to GMail, but you can recover from that with a simple copy/paste into a new note.

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    interesting.. might try that if it happens to me again.. i usually back up my phone alot too so thats good

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    If you synced your phone while these notes were still on it and you haven't synced again since they were deleted, you may be able to recover them by restoring your phone to your last backup (the backup includes notes).  This will revert your settings and data to those contained in the backup (not just notes) so be sure to save any more recent data prior to restoring).  To do this:


    Without connecting your phone, open iTunes on your computer and go to Preferences, on the Devices tab check "Prevent...from syncing automatically".

    Connect your phone to your computer, right-click on the name of your phone when it appears in iTunes on the left sidebar and select Restore from Backup, choose your most recent backup to restore from.

    When this finishes you can go back to iTunes>Prerferences>Devices and re-enable automatic syncing.