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I have a G3(upgraded processor to a G4), operating MC OSX 10.4.11.  Just recently, I have noticed that I can not reposition open windows on my desktop, nor can I highlight text for copying and pasting. Can anyone off an explanation to what happened and how to resolve these problems?

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    Try creating another userid & see if problem persists.  Could be a bad perference.




    You may want to run these "standard" fixes if the problem persists.


    1) Check the amount of free space on your harddrive.  You should have a several gigs free.


    2) You should run disk utility

         a) verify the disk

         b) update your permissions.


    3) Try a safe boot.

        Shutdown your machine.  Hold down the shift key.  Poweron.  Wait awhile Wait awhile while you harddrive

          is being checked.



    4) You may want to run applejack to clean up your machine.



    5) Run hardware diagnostics.  It's good for a sanity check.

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    *Re: free space on Hard drive:

    Capacity 96.3 GB

    Available:70.89 GB

    *Re: Disk Utility

    Verify/Repaired Permissions

    Verify/Repaired Hard Drive

    **The above steps did not resolve desktop window movement or highlighting text.


    *Re: Create New User ID:

    Have not done this.  I am not familiar with the steps to create a new ID

    *Re; Hardware Diagnostics

    Have not done this.  Again not sure how.  Only other hardware attached to B/W is an HP Printer(unplugged during attempt to isolate trouble ) and an Apple iSight ( same as Printer)

    Have not ttemptd to try Apple jack yet

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    Create new Account


    blue apple > system preferences

    clicks on accounts icon


    click on lock icon if locked. 

    enter logon password 

    Picture 9.png


    click on + icon ( left side of screen just above the lock icon )


    Picture 10.png


    after creating new account, you need to logout of your current account.


    blue apple > log out ... current count name ...


    log on to new account. see if problem goes away.

    Picture 11.png

    if it has gone  away rename finder preference ( may be more than one file not sure ) 

    /Users/ (your short user name ) /Library/Preferences/com.apple.finder.plist



    ... reboot.

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    Thank you,your instructions are very self explanatory.  But before I try this, I need to know " if there are any side affects to creating a new user account"?

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    I have several accounts.


    There are always side effects.  In your case:

    1) you will use a little more disk space.

    2) in case of filesystem corruption, it's best to avoid using more space.  You run disk utility verify the file system was ok.