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  • DougsPlace Level 2 Level 2

    I really need to upgrade replace 13" 2008 MB, 2.4 GHz core 2 duo 256GB /2GB; and was all set to go on 13" MBPr mostly because of pricing;  similarly configured  8gb RAM & 512 gb SSD,  difference between 13" MBA and 13" MBPr is $100. A non retina 13" MBP is another $100 up from that. 


    I see several posts suggesting there is no problem with 13" MBPr's, but are there any folks who actually own 13" MBPr's who can confirm ? 

  • SheikhandBake Level 1 Level 1

    My 13" mbpr should be arriving today, according to Apple, though I am still waiting for the notification that it is available in store for me to pick up.  I will test it and see whether it experiences any of the problems.

  • jeffroalpha700 Level 1 Level 1

    I have not taken the time to read through the 36 pages of posts, but I did look at the first few and the last few.  I got my MBP Retina (2.6Ghz/16GB/512GB) back in October.  My fans were never maxed out at the almost 6,000 RPM, but I have noticed a correlation between Google Chrome utilizing a lot of processing power for apparently no reason.  This seems to be a known issue with the Chrome browser.  My normal operation average CPU temp runs between about 105-119 depending on what I'm doing.  The fans stay at a steady 2,000 RPM.  Obviously, if I'm playing an HD video or working in the Adobe Studios, etc., this all goes drastically up.  I expect that based on how taxing those programs are with system resources.


    If I open one any site that has embedded video (MSNBC, FOX Business, etc.) in Chrome, the CPU temp will climb drastically.  The fans will sometimes ramp up to over 4,000 RPM.  The CPU will also sometimes reach 210+ degrees.  Once I close out Chrome, everything returns back to normal.  I haven't had this issue with Safari or Firefox.  Supposedly, one of the Chrome plugins was a known culprit, but it is not one that is enabled.  The issue isn't always consistent either.  I've used Chrome at times with no issue whatsoever.  I don't know if this is related to any of the other issues that others are having.

  • erensto Level 1 Level 1

    @K0MP0: do you have the link to Oyinko2's twitter thread?

    Why suppressing comments from this thread? I am not getting Apple's censorship on this topic..

  • katzab Level 1 Level 1

    I've actually noticed that I'm getting fan issues when Safari is open. I have exited safari and so far no issues the past 2 hours...keeping my fingers crossed...

  • K0MP0 Level 1 Level 1

    Hey erensto, Oyinka2 can be followed here. I can't understand what is going on, I have my replacement coming tomorrow and if this exhibits the same problem, I think I will re-consider any future purchases with Apple and send it back!!

  • TheKIV Level 1 Level 1

    It is not a problem of exact browser or application. A few months ago I also blamed my browser but you can uninstall all of them and still have the issue under certain conditions.

  • mark2298 Level 1 Level 1

    Yep - my brand new MBP Retina 512GB SSD 16GB RAM has a fan that spins up loudly when I'm not even using it. Hoping for a fix soon.


    ALso notice bizarre screen image distortion when waking it from sleep. Graphics card??

  • erensto Level 1 Level 1

    I noticed image distortion too, but most likely is just a software glitch.  Easy to replicate.


    If you open the launchpad, group a few items into a folder.

    Then, proceed to click on that folder a few times, so it will expand and collapse.

    While doing it, you will notice image distortion on the first few lines at the top of the launchpad screen. 


    I tested this on all the 15inch Retina Macbook Pros at my local Apple store. All of them have the same behaviour.

    It does not happen if you are on the Nvidia.. only when you are on the integrated card.


    There is a thread on that.. but that's minor in comparison to the fan issue.

  • wirelessmacbookpro Level 1 Level 1

    Looking forward to your report with the replacement they are sending you. Likely it will have (unfortunately) the same issue. I wish Apple would at least recognize the problem and say "we're working on it" or something to that effect, instead of leaving us in the dark as they typically do.


    I too am nearing the end of my rope with the way they put us on ignore. We're left guessing and hoping they fix it but with no information from Apple is merely speculation. Not exactly the way to treat a customer who buys such an expensive computer which is represented to be the best one can buy.

  • PhilSur Level 1 Level 1

    I wonder if this is normal with my MacBook Pro retina 15-inch (2.7GHz, 16GB, 256SSD, bought 1 week ago):

    When I surf the internet or do other normal stuff, the temperature is about 40-60°C. The fan is running  at ~2000rpm (except  when he randomly spins up to max...)

    But when I run Cinebench and stress the CPU with rendering, the temperature raises to about 96-104°C, then the fan slowly raises up to about ~4000rpm and more.

    In my opinion the fan should spin at max. rpm when the CPU reaches about 90°C!


    Do you have the same experience?


    I'm a bit worried, because such high temperatures can't be good for the CPU... The intel homepage says for my CPU the TJmax is 105°C...

  • myMartek Level 1 Level 1

    To start: I also have the described problem and do have a SanDisk SSD. I contacted Apple Care and talked to a technical supervisor who created an internal ticket for the engineering team. He told me that he will not get a response from that team but that this problem should be adressed soon. I have the ref. #423112128.



    To PhilSur:

    I think the high temps are quite normal I do experience the same with my and a colleagues (Samsung SSD) MBPr. As long as the CPU is colder then 105°C it should not have any problems. If you do use your CPU at 100% you of cause will get the full fan speed. I tested this in a few cases.

  • SheikhandBake Level 1 Level 1

    I have NOT seen the issue yet with the 13" mbp-r.  Also, it does NOT have the SanDisk SD.  It has a Samsung SSD drive (512)

  • mohanfromajax Level 1 Level 1

    i may have to go to a 13 rmbp i7 500gb ssd... i am currenty using an air which i picked up a week ago... i am starting to get eye fatigue which i never had before on my 15 in mbp...i have a feeling it has to do with the higher resolution 1140 x 900 which is shrinking the text that is causing it.  i love the air form factor and the screen is samsung as well so i dont want to depart from it but i dont want to do harm to my eyes either...




    1.  how to you check to see if the ssd is sandisk or samsung

    2.  also do you guys know if on the 13 in retina that are shipping today the screen is samsung or LG or is it a luc of the draw?



  • Webheadfred Level 1 Level 1

    Hmmmm... I'm two days into a 15" MBPr with the 768ssd and 16gb ram. I've installed and run FCPx and Motion and haven't noticed anything. Actually, I don't think the fans have budged.


    Model:          APPLE SSD SM768E

    Revision:          CXM90A1Q


    I haven't seen any other reports from the 768gb SSD users.


    I wonder if the different drive is keeping things quiet?


    Quite honestly, this is the fastest computer I've ever used.

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